Why Successful High-Ticket Marketing Is About Discipline Not Popularity

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There is a myth about high-ticket marketing for online entrepreneurs floating around…

This myth is that six-figure years and five-figure months can and should be achieved quickly.

And that if it isn’t there is something seriously wrong with the way you run your business.

If you’ve been feeling this way about your own business I want to reassure you – this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Would you ever think this way about a brick-and-mortar business?

A start-up?

Never 🙅🏾‍♀️

So stop being so hard on yourself!

Being an online entrepreneur takes just as much hard work, determination, consistency, perseverance, and time for success to happen.

And I’m telling you right now – that it is NOT going to be an easy road.

But being the CEO of your own business is so worth it.

What I’ve noticed is that somewhere on this long road to online business success – people get confused with online popularity.

Smart and capable entrepreneurs get distracted thinking they need to be influencers, grow a massive audience, and become an it-girl.

And this just grinds my gears, y’all.

Not because I’m against influencers – I love you guys! ❤️

But if your goal as an entrepreneur is to grow your business, get Instagram sales, and become CEO of your own company, you need to let go of your desire to be popular.

Your goal should be to be disciplined.

Discipline is what is at the core of high-ticket marketing.

That’s right.

Forget popularity and focus on discipline and I promise you – you’ll be seeing results in no time.

Trust me when I say that when I stopped trying to impress people on Instagram – my business changed for the better. I wrote all about what happened when I stopped bothering with trying to impress people on Instagram HERE.

Having discipline means to be showing up and working towards specific high-ticket marketing strategies consistently.

❌ No slacking.

❌ No letting yourself off the hook.

❌ And certainly, NO giving up.

So without further ado – I want to show you how to be more disciplined in every aspect of your high-ticket marketing strategy.

But remember, this stuff takes time.

You won’t see any overnight transformations.

But when things start falling into place you’ll know it’s because you worked for it.

Let’s get into it.👇🏾



Have The Discipline To Do Market Research

A word that gets thrown around a lot in the online entrepreneur space is the “Algorithm”.

Oh, the elusive algorithm 🙄 🙄

Computer programs watching our every move, judging what content gets pushed out and whose content flops.

When it comes to high-ticket marketing, thinking about the Algorithm as this all-knowing-career-dictating power is incredibly discouraging.

But giving the algorithm so much power over our success is a thing of the past.

We are done with trying to be popular.

I challenge you to become your own algorithm.

Starting today you need to start having the discipline to do market research.

You need to start paying attention to the information your audience is giving you.

Your high-ticket marketing strategy will become more and more intelligent the more information you have.

So remember to consistently take note of what is working for your audience.

👉🏾 What kind of content floods your DMs.

👉🏾 What kinds of Instagram videos spark the best discussions.

👉🏾 What kinds of posts get re-shared and spread across the internet.

And it’s not all about the content you’re sharing.

It’s also about being disciplined enough to pay attention to who your ideal clients are.

What are their needs?

What are their goals?

What are their struggles and desires?

That way you can leverage that knowledge through your high-ticket marketing strategy and start truly speaking to your most aligned audience members.


Have the Discipline to Build Brand Authority

When it comes to successfully selling a high-ticket offer you need to have the discipline to build brand authority.

Which means you have to learn to tell one clear and effective story about your offer.

You can’t be showing up online willy-nilly telling all sorts of different stories about your current offer.

Or even worse – talking about all kinds of offers at once.

I get it. It takes discipline to stick to one launch story.

But I’m telling you, it works. ✅

Don’t confuse your audience.

A confused mind does not buy.

By committing to your message – you keep your brand clear and strong.

And people love to see that level of authority.

But brand authority is something that takes work. You can’t be waffling.

When you feel like wavering on your brand to people please and prioritize popularity stop yourself.

And remind yourself that it’s not about popularity – it’s about hard work.

You’ve gone through all the work to clarify your brand, so stick to that core brand message.

That consistency is what will show your most aligned and qualified leads that you know who you are and what you are capable of.

Your high-ticket marketing strategy needs to reflect how much of an expert you are.

That way it becomes easy for people to trust that you know your stuff.

Which leads me to…


Have the Discipline to Build Trust and Connection

It’s pretty much a fact of life, that trust and connection in a relationship don’t happen overnight.

Not with friends.

Or with dates.

Or even with potential clients.

And the best way to nurture a trustful and meaningful relationship with your audience is to create excellent video content.

Out of all the kinds of content you could be pushing out – video content gives your audience the best sense of who you are and how you work.

It’s just so much more personal! ❤️

Sometimes I ask my own coaching clients:

“Do you know your audience?”

And they’re like:


And I’m like,

“Do you know your audience? Have you been getting to know them online? Not just observing their behavior, but really connecting and conversing with them?”

And oftentimes?

The answer is no.

But what you have to remember is that you are asking clients to make a big investment in your offer.

You can’t expect high-ticket sales without making a consistent effort to connect with your community.

Listen – I couldn’t make this stuff up.

I swear to you that every single sale I get, I ask my clients, “What convinced you to take the leap and invest in this offer?”

And without fail – every single client tells me that they’ve been following along with my business for months and sometimes even years.

The discipline I’ve cultivated to get to know my audience is what drives sales.

When I show up through my high-ticket marketing strategy, my audience gets to know me.

Every day that passes where you make a consistent, disciplined effort to nurture a trusting relationship with your online community is one step closer to getting another sale.

Time spent growing that connection is never wasted.

So don’t get ahead of yourself.

Your effort to show up online will all be worth it when those sales come flooding in.


Have The Discipline To Show Up Consistently

When you are too focused on popularity, it is SO easy to get discouraged when you don’t see a lot of engagement.

Not enough website clicks.

Not very many comments.

Not enough people joining your live streams.

Let’s face it – there are all kinds of things that make us feel insecure about our online presence.

But when you are focused on popularity all over these little things have so much power over you.

And it’s so easy to get discouraged. ❤️

And more often than not – when online entrepreneurs get discouraged they stop showing up.

And that is the worst thing you could do for your high-ticket marketing strategy.

If you get nothing else from this blog – please remember that the discipline to show up online consistently is paramount to your success.

I get it…I’ve been there.

Having ONE person showing up to my live stream.

Having ONE application after weeks of a launch.

Having ONE successful post in weeks.

But the discipline it took me to show up every day, every week, every month is what helped that number grow.

So just know that every time you start thinking:

“No one cares. No one’s showing up. No one’s watching.”

Quiet that negative voice in your head.

Pick yourself up and show up for that one person – or at the very least show up for YOU.

Because if you really stand by your offer, you don’t need anyone else to believe in what you’re offering.

You will show up day after day because you know that what you have to offer is worth it.

And when your community notices that consistency and that diligence their interest will be piqued.

They’re going to want to know what you are showing up to talk about every day or week.

And from there, it’s a snowball effect towards getting Instagram sales.

I promise you that showing up for your online community gets easier the more you do it.

It’s like going to the gym or building any other good habit. It takes time and practice to see results. ✅

And every time you open the app and post something or go live it gets easier and more comfortable.

So not only are you drawing consistent attention to your amazing offers, but you are developing amazing high-ticket marketing habits as well.

Remember – good habits don’t form overnight.

So the time to start showing up consistently is now. Your audience needs to hear from you.


Have the Discipline To Document

The next part of your high-ticket marketing strategy that takes discipline is the documentation of information.

Documentation is a powerful tool for growing your online business.

Every little bit of data you can get about your clients and your content is like gold. 👑

I want you to start being diligent in the documentation of who shows up to your events.

Whether that’s live streams, free masterclasses, or paid programs.

Who consistently shows up to work with you.

And once those folks are there listening to you, what talking points get a lot of love.

What concepts have people snapping their fingers, nodding their heads, or sending hearts?

Be disciplined enough to jot that info down. You can use it later!

And when you get on a sales call – be brave enough to ask questions.

How did you find out about me? Have you participated in any coaching programs before? With who?

And take notes, you guys! ✍🏾

Hell, I even like to record my sales calls!

Asking questions and documenting the answers is a great way to know what is attracting clients.

When you have the discipline to document this kind of information you will start to see patterns.

These patterns will tell you what kind of content you should be putting out in order to attract the most qualified and aligned leads.

Listen – I wasn’t lying when I said this discipline thing is hard work.

But lucky for you, I wanna make it easier! ✅

In fact, I’ve got an entire online course dedicated to teaching effective Instagram video marketing strategies that attract qualified leads for high-ticket or premium offers without needing a high-following or big list of previous client results.

It’s time to leave that obsession with popularity in the past.

Once you’ve got these essential skills under your belt, popularity will be the last thing on your mind.

You’ll feel confident showing consistently online with high-quality content to intentionally grow your visibility and connect with qualified leads for your high-ticket and premium-priced offers.

Check out The Booked and Banked Bundle HERE.

And of course, if you have any questions about this offer shoot me a DM on Instagram, and let’s connect! 💬