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Messaging that Monetizes: Crafting Content that Converts


Adapt Your Marketing Strategy to Create a Flexible Business 


The Anti-Burnout Social Media Strategy for Service Providers


How to Create Influential Content without Posting Like an Influencer


The Art of Attraction: Leveraging Authenticity to Stand out Online


Simply Scalable Marketing Framework for Service Providers

"[Latesha] provided so much wisdom and guidance for each CEO to really conduct a business marketing audit. We covered everything from knowing specialty, framework and approaches to collaboration with adjacent industries in our community. In summary, the lessons received are invaluable and far exceeded our expectations. Latesha, not only delivered gems during her presentation that we can apply independently but she also offers several levels of accountability through her membership programs to assist in implementing. Latesha is a dynamic speaker!"

-Dalys Macon, BGWO

"For me, there's something special about a speaker that can knock your socks off with their know-how and genius, but then also be conversational and fun so it feels like you're hanging with your best friend. Not only did she share a framework for giving your lead magnet a million dollar name, she actually used the framework to name some listeners' lead magnets live on the call and they were wow'd by the results. It was like a mix between a summit talk and a magic show 😆 If you're not hiring this genius, what are you doing? #realtalk"

-Sophia Parra, What the heck to post summit

"Her interview was one of the most listened to of that season. It's not hard to see why when you experience how specific Latesha is in her examples, attention to detail, and incredible frameworks. Listeners felt they could immediately implement and see results from Latesha's interview. We loved her so much, we had her back inside our community where I was again blown away by her generosity and also ability to rock the Q&A section with even more detailed support, follow-up questions, and resources. If you can get Latesha inside your community, do it!"

-Marisa Corcoran, The Copy Chat

"Latesha is extremely gifted at articulating value and building a connection with the audience that pulls them in to keep hearing more. I highly recommend having her speak and be able to spread her knowledge, skills and strengths to any community. It was a pleasure having her come into my community and my audience loves her!"

-Madison Tinder, Soulful social mastermind

"Latesha wowed us at every turn when she delivered an exceptional session How to Attract and Convert High-Ticket Clients (and What to Charge Them) where our attendees were both challenged and equipped. Her commanding presence, servant heart and business savvy were a gift to our community. I treasure Latesha both as a friend and an industry colleague and highly recommend her for your serious consideration."

-Heather Adams, The Choice Summit

"Through an extremely engaging and comprehensive presentation, Latesha effectively led attendees to a better understanding of the subject matter and providing time for them to ask questions. Each question was answered genuinely and efficiently. I was able to witness many light bulb moments amongst attendees. Latesha's personality is unmatched. She smiled during the entire presentation, was extremely personable and made it easy for the attendees to want to engage during the presentation. Her knowledge of branding and marketing are extremely clear. I would highly recommend Latesha as a speaker and I look forward to working with her again in the future."

-Jance Chartae, Boutique brand school

"It's rare to find a speaker who brings the perfect combination of creative intelligence and compassion to every interview or talk she delivers. And Latesha Lynch is one of those special unicorns. She marries her deep knowledge of marketing with her super sharp instincts to offer up fresh and actionable strategies that inspire that crucial "I can do this" attitude in her audience. I've lost track of the number of times I've slapped myself on the forehead saying "That's so good! Why didn't I think of that" when I see Latesha on the mic." 

-Dallas Travers, The 6 Figure Coach Podcast

Scale With Ease Summit 
Level Up and Launch Summit
Choice Summit
Productivity Secrets of Females
Brave Digital Summit
The Introverted Female Millionaires 
Sell Your Services Summit
Simply Profitable Designer Summit
She Who Wins Summit
Black Girls Who Organize R3 Retreat
Boss Vision Con

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