I'm here to help you bend the marketing rules you learned when you started your business. 

I'm Latesha. I believe your biggest flex should be your marketing strategy.

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Because I know you're tired of having to adapt your life to make marketing work for you. Now it's time to adapt your marketing to make it work for you.

Adaptable Marketing Strategy & Content

A marketing strategist & coach committed to making how you do marketing simple and flexible.  

Your source for how to talk about what you do in the right places so people find you and pay high ticket to work with you.

I’ve personally experienced the high of climbing the corporate ladder, getting promotions and pay raises only to be knocked down off that ladder the moment I found out I was pregnant with this little guy, 

Only to start a business and have shit hit the fan any time randomly out of school (how many breaks do these damn kids get!?!). Women, even those without children, uniquely experience highs and lows energetically that require flexibility in every aspect of business, especially how you show up to market it.

why the focus on women entrepreneurs?

Her Marketing Coach is

I worked in corporate marketing for every type of company from information security, tech, to waste management (yes, I literally worked for Waste Management!). I've held every marketing role from marketing assistant, to designer, to VP of Marketing.

When I say I teach multichannel marketing, I don't teach solely from my 4 years of experience as a solo entrepreneur (though we do manage every aspect of marketing 😅). I'm teaching from almost 2 decades of hands on experience running email marketing, social media management, event planning, launch strategy, website management, copywriting, and designing. 

Hi, I'm Latesha Content Architect & Adaptable Marketing Strategist 

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You can hire me as a guest coach, to facilitate a workshop, or as a speaker. Yes, I travel, but I'm located in Atlanta, GA, USA. 

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What Does Her Marketing Coach Help With?

Her Marketing Coach is your source for help with:

  • Creating perspective-shifting, "how are you in my head right now," content to attract high value clients who want to invest in your high ticket services
  • Making it easy to do the marketing in your business
  • Coming up with creative, adaptable ways to market no matter your personality or business model

Everything about my business is flexible including how you can work with me whether you want 1:1 attention, prefer to work alone, or want to work in a group.