Develop A Successful High-Ticket Marketing Strategy With These Five Elements

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Ready to implement a high-ticket marketing strategy so you can finally start signing premium clients in your business?

If your sales are falling flat, it’s most likely that you’re missing one or more key elements that are required to consistently sign high-ticket clients.

I like to think of these key elements as a marketing ecosystem.

An ecosystem in the sense that there are all kinds of moving parts working towards the common goal of keeping everything alive and well.

In an ecosystem, when one of these moving parts starts to break down, the whole system starts to fail.

THIS is why you need to understand each part of your marketing ecosystem intimately. When all of these five elements are working together, your marketing will be running like a well-oiled machine.

It’s SO common for online entrepreneurs to be struggling with one aspect of their marketing plan and start thinking…

“Marketing just isn’t for me. I’m not cut out for this.”

When in reality, you probably just need to tweak one or more parts of your marketing ecosystem to see things BLOOM.

As busy business owners, we don’t have time for that negative self-talk!

The time is now, to start intentionally investing in the five requirements that will help you achieve your business goals. Let’s get into it!


Visibility is always going to be your primary responsibility when it comes to your high-ticket marketing strategy.

Because if people aren’t listening to you, then how is anybody going to ever see what you’re putting out there?

Your first order of business figuring out how you’re going to be seen by the people willing to pay for your services.

When Instagram gurus tell you that you need to be doing Reels, or you need to be doing carousels, they’re only giving you part of the equation.

What they’re really saying is:

Creating these specific content forms will help you get visible to MORE users on the Instagram platform.

Visibility is two-fold:

It’s about:

  1. Attracting NEW people to your page
  2. And re-engaging those who have been following you but who aren’t active or buying from you.

So while YES… visibility is meant to help you add volume and grow your online community, it’s a lot more than that.

Visibility means showing up online for your existing community members in a way that helps them make their official decision to take out their card and buy.

Remember that ecosystem analogy I brought up earlier?

This is one of the places where I start seeing people struggle with their marketing ecosystem the most.

You could be:

  • Great at what you do
  • Have an amazing offer
  • Create the best content
  • Plan a flawless launch strategy
  • Write a kickass sales page

But you STILL don’t get the results you want. Zero sales.



Because nobody is even seeing all the great things you’re sharing.

That is why visibility is the first step to making your high-ticket marketing strategy a success.



Back when I first started my business – I was obsessed with sales calls.

I thought that if I was able to book enough consultation calls, those leads would eventually turn into paying customers.

So all day long, I would book consultation after consultation. I treated it like a numbers game.

For real…you’d probably feel stressed just looking at how full my calendar used to be.

But when I jumped on those calls all I got was:

  • “Who is this for?”
  • “How much does it cost?”
  • “Oh, I don’t think I’m ready to pay that much for this service…sorry.”

And I’d hang up the phone SO disappointed every time.

I was confused.

I felt like I was doing all of the right things. All of the marketing gurus around me were telling me to grow my following and get more leads.

But NO ONE had emphasized the importance of getting the right leads.

And lemme tell you – this was an all-time low for my personal marketing ecosystem.

However, it was during this low moment in my business journey I learned the importance of pre-qualifying your leads.

I realized to keep my high-ticket marketing ecosystem thriving, I needed to figure out who would be most aligned and qualified to work with me.

There’s a lot of talk in the online space about dreaming up your ideal client.

But what you need to focus on MOST is whether or not someone is going to be a good fit for you.

They could tick all of the boxes when you dreamt up who you’d love to work with.

But if they’re not fully on board with your offer and your way of working, you’re not going to be able to get them results.

What you offer is not for everybody. The sooner you embrace that fact, the better and stronger your marketing strategy will be.

So focus on making sure your content is helping pre-qualify those aligned clients.

Let people know that they are in the right place.

Reassure them that what you have to offer is made just for them.

And for the love of god…don’t hop on a free call with anyone and everyone!


Connection & Trust

If you’ve been following me for a hot minute, you’ll know that I only sell my offers at a premium price point.

It took me a while to know my true value and start charging high-ticket, but I get it now… I’m worth it!

At this point in my business, it’s going to cost over  $3000 to work with me in any capacity.

If you’re reading this right now, you’re most likely trying to get to this point as well.

Here’s what you need to know about selling packages at this price:

The only way to get people to invest that much money into your offers is to build connection and trust. 

Connection and trust are requirements. They are simply non-negotiable.

Think about it this way:

If you buy a house – both trust and connection go into making that decision.

Before you drop THAT kind of coin you go see the house, have it inspected, and you take advice from a trusted realtor, right?

You don’t blindly make a lifetime commitment without a foundation of trust!

You would also never buy a house you didn’t feel a strong connection to.

Instead, you’re going to buy something where you could picture your beautiful family growing up, making memories, and having a great quality of life.

It’s a very emotional purchase. It’s something you’d have to think deeply about.

The same thing goes for clients considering purchasing your high-ticket services.


Connect First, Then Sell

I encourage you to ask yourself:

“Am I spending time online making genuine connections with my community?”

Whether it’s in-person or online, relationship-building has to be at the heart of your high-ticket marketing strategy.

A lack of connection is one of the reasons that I see high-ticket marketing ecosystems start to fall apart.

Your audience starts to lose that trust when all you want to do is show up online and sell, sell, sell.

And hey – I am all about being upfront about sales, but only after you’ve put in your time nurturing your audience.

Answering their questions
Showing them why you care about helping them
Helping them get to know your philosophy

Put in the legwork to build relationships with ideal clients and then you can start to sell!


Video Marketing – The Fast-Track to Connection & Trust

I’ve found the most effective strategy for building connection and trust with my audience is to show up on video.

And I get it – there’s a lotta noise out there about the Instagram algorithm and how it’s prioritizing video… but that’s not what this is about.

The reason I will continuously tell you to show up on video is that it creates a genuine connection.

Video allows your audience to meet you as a human being.

Hearing your voice, your laughter, and your passion for the work that you do.

The better people feel like they know, love, and trust you – the more likely they will be to invest in your premium price offer.

Path to purchase

Think of your path to purchase like this:

Your clients are at point A, struggling with their problem, and you want to get them to point B, where they’ve purchased your offer and you’ve helped them solve their pain point.

Everything you do along the way to get them from A to B is their buyer’s journey.

I want you to think of yourself as the navigation system for your aligned and qualified leads.

In your role as the navigator, you’re not just going to give your potential client an address and hope they can figure out how to get there on their own.

It’s literally your job to take them there!

This is why your high-ticket marketing strategy needs to walk your aligned clients through your ecosystem, step-by-step. From discovering your work all the way to purchasing your premium offer.

Don’t skip steps!

Because when you do – you leave people frustrated and confused, and they EXIT your marketing funnel.

If your content strategy is not following the buyer’s journey, you’re going to lose the perfect, qualified leads along the way.

You can send all the emails in the world, hire a copywriter and have the perfect sales page.

But if you’re not considering the buyer’s journey and how you’ll take leads from having NO idea who you are all the way through purchasing your high-ticket offer, none of it’s going to work.

You can’t just pop up a post talking about your new offer and tell your followers to apply via the link in bio. There is so much more that goes into a high-ticket offer launch.

So please, please lead your pre-qualified client to the sale.

Consider the path to purchase and what you need to educate your clients on so they understand the problem, your solution, and why they need your offer in their life.

That way when you finally do announce your offer, you don’t have to convince people to buy.

Your aligned client is lined up and ready.

Sales and Promotion

I need to be honest with y’all.

A lot of you have top-tier marketing in place – but when it really comes down to it – you’re too scared to actually sell.

  • Your offer is fantastic
  • You’ve gotten visible
  • You’ve pre-qualified your client
  • You’ve nurtured that connection
  • AND your path to purchase is crystal clear.

But you shy away from clearly ASKING for the sale.

Your marketing ecosystem is about ready to blossom into this majestic forest! But your inability to go after the sale is going to stop all that beautiful growth.

You’ve got these amazing, aligned leads who believe in you. They’re ready!

But they need a little extra push.

If all you’re doing to secure that committed and qualified client is asking them to click the link in your bio…And then getting upset when no one does…

You’ve got to work a bit harder.

Ask for what you want!

Sometimes you need to be as direct as: “Hey! I have 5 spots in my next program. DM right now to claim your spot.”

I’ll be honest. I am always booked and busy. I have no trouble getting clients.

But I rarely get applications out of the blue.

When I am ready to sell something, I reach out to my community of aligned and pre-qualified people.

I tell them, “I’m ready to sell this offer, who wants it?”

And THAT has been more effective than any “click the link in my bio” has ever been.

I get it – sales make people really nervous.

But it’s time to change how you think about selling your high-ticket offers.

You are not being pushy.

You are opening up an opportunity for you to support an aligned client.

You’re allowing them to say: “Yes, I am ready to get help.”

Think of it as a generous commitment to helping a new client, rather than some sleazy sales pitch. Your premium offer is worth it.

People out there need what you’re offering.

You’ve put your heart and soul into building an offer that will transform someone’s life for the better.

So I am begging you…

Don’t self sabotage your marketing strategy by neglecting one of these five requirements.

Every one of them is essential to the health and wellbeing of your marketing ecosystem. So no slacking!

Start by making a commitment to become visible online. Show up on video and create content with your aligned client in mind.

Next, don’t neglect the work of pre-qualifying your leads. It will take time, but being specific about who your offer is for will lead to a much higher conversion rate.

Be sure to make your clients feel seen and heard before asking them to fork out the cash needed to invest in your offer. Trust and connection are at the heart of your marketing ecosystem.

Once you’ve made these meaningful connections, don’t leave people high and dry. Show them the way!

And when they’re ready – don’t hesitate to ask for the sale.

Show that you are available to help them and guide them through an amazing transformation and that you are ready to do that right now. You’ve got this!

Ready to put this marketing ecosystem into ACTION? In my free masterclass, I show you exactly how the four video types on Instagram can fulfill these marketing requirements… so you can start signing premium clients with ease.


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