I know there are so many people you can hire, but you're choosing me. These are the wins I've been able to celebrate with my previous clients!

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I would definitely say my biggest win in the program was reaching my highest month ever, which is like very close to $10K, which was my goal.

And I've definitely just been able to feel the transformation of my business. I feel like I'm very confident when it comes to talking about my offers. I feel very confident on camera.

How Taylor Made Just Under $10,000 in 1 month as a service provider

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The biggest win for me was that my conversion rate before I was in Revolutionary Brand was hovering around 10%. Now my conversion rate is at 45% to 50%, which is amazing.

This amazing growth in a short period of time, just being in that program, it really kind of transformed my business because it's important to have a framework that you can utilize month over month that produces results in your business.

How Danielle Increased her sales conversion rate by 40%

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I went into this unclear about my content and showing up online and ended up walking away with clarity and confidence to finally make that pivot in my business.

Now I have an amazing new offer, I'm clear on how to market it, and I have a well laid out system to create content that speaks to my ideal clients that I can use every time I launch.

How dominique was able to pivot her business and book a $3,000 client

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There are four key things that I really learned that have changed my business.

  1. Learning who my ideal client was
  2. Understanding the buyers, understanding how to take my ideal client from not knowing who I am to knowing who I am and ready to pay me
  3. knowing what to say about my business and how to promote my business, and knowing how to use a language that moves my ideal client to action
  4. understanding what marketing was, not just selling on Instagram, but truly building the skill of marketing and learning how to strategically market on Instagram

How emily books out her high-ticket program every month

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"I ended up one day booking a $7,500 dollars VIP day, and then the next day booking a $12,500 dollars rebrand."

This is an updated testimonial from Adeyinka who was in the very first cohort of Revolutionary Brand™ back in December 2020. Within 7 weeks into the program, I shared how she had already sold a spot in her brand new offer.

I followed up with her in June 2021 to see how she was doing and this was her updated testimonial. 

how adeyinka Increased Her Prices and had a $20,000 Week

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What I needed is Latesha's marketing background to really support me. So I invested in her Revolutionary Brand program.

She helped me to create a highly impactful marketing strategy. She helped me to share my expertise in a way that attracted clients to me and fast.

Halfway through the program, I had more people inquiring about my one on one services than I had the capacity to support that month. I also had people inquiring to collaborate with me to interview me. 

lisa had more people inquiring about her service than she had capacity

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I'm also loving my early wins that I'm experiencing at my new price point here. Because first, I've earned back my investment in this program and that was really important to me.

But secondly, I've also been able to level up my confidence in who I am as an expert because what it's showing me is that my ideal client is ready to pay what it is that I charge and they believe in the value of what it is that I offer in
my service.

How Candice Made Back Her Investment in just 7 Weeks in the program

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Before I started the program, I was scared. So scared to even show up online and show up on video. And now it's all I want to do. All I want to do is show up on video and make reels and do IG lives. And IGTV and it actually has transformed the way that I posted, because what's happened is because I am making these videos and because I'm marketing in these videos, I'm actually embodying what I'm speaking.

How Saniah grew Confidence to Market Your High-Ticket Offers and Services

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Micaela thought branding was really just cute photos, but she was able to develop an authentic voice and really show up in a way that resonated directly with her clients. 

"Look if it wasn't a Google doc, I didn't know about it, but she really allowed me to see how to do client intake, how to do onboarding how to do contracts and how it really get those high-ticket sales and then most importantly by working with her in April until December, I was able to achieve 6-figures."

How Dr. Micaela hit 6-figures in 8 months

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Within 3-days of my launch I was able to recoup my entire investment back after 3-days into my launch. 

At the end of my 3-weeks I was able to make $25,000. The techniques she showed me I can use over and over again. I would recommend her 1:1 coaching 200%, she is amazing at what she does.

How Alicia Had a $25,000 launch in 3-weeks

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I felt like everything that was included was exactly what I needed.

Some of the main things that stood out were just how organized she was and how thorough she was and how everything was presented in such a beautiful way and even allowing me to give her feedback to ask questions.

She went above and beyond. Just the organization of it and the presentation of it all was easy to digest.

I would definitely recommend this VIP Day if you are in a place where you know you want to launch something high ticket and you literally just don't know what to do.

Ericka Had Everything She Needed for your launch After Her VIP Day

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My biggest win from that launch was being able to attract dream clients into my program, Destroy the Mindset drama where I teach business owners evidence based coaching skills.

I was able to draw in incredible people, incredible other professionals and business owners who understood my messaging and the intention of the program and who aligned with what it is that I wanted to teach them inside of this offer.

And so we're now in week three of this program, and it's just been incredible. I was able to at the end of the launch, I have 17 people in, and it has been such a joy because now I understand order, structure and a goal for each and every piece of my marketing content I really know.

How Topsie Got 17 Clients in Her Group Coaching Accelerator

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Brooke Jean, a digital operations strategist joined the Booked & Banked Accelerator because she was trying to figure out Figuring out her own marketing content and have a strategy to create it for her business. 

She needed to know what to do before and after a launch to keep up content without burning out.  

She is celebrating the fact that for the first time, she has, for the last month, consistently put out content on Instagram without burning out thanks to the marketing content strategy she learned in the Booked and Banked Accelerator.

Now Brooke Has A content Process That Doesn't Cause  Burnout


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While Maylene was happy to invest in the Booked & Banked Bundle, she really wanted access to working more closely with me, a community, and to have support as she went through the courses.

Maylene had no system to post marketing content with intention or to be consistent and her business was suffering. Now she's able to batch content which has saved her time and now she can be consistent with her marketing content.

How Maylene Was Able to Batch All Her Instagram Content

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