What Happened When I Stopped Trying to Impress People on Instagram

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If you are disappointed when your Instagram reel only gets 1,000 views. If you stopped trying to go live after only 1 person showed up then this video is for you.

You’re going to have a hard time showing up on video on Instagram if you’re:

  • Trying hard to be relatable
  • Trying to go viral or hit that 10K follower mark
  • Waiting for likes and views
  • Primping so you “don’t look bad on camera”
  • Code-switching to sound more professional
  • Only showing up on camera when you’ve gotten your hair done, fresh makeup, etc.
  • Showing up live once or twice, but feel discouraged when you only had 1 person viewing

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good filter or a nice colored lip! But when you focus on all the things I listed above, you’re creating a stressful association with showing up on camera on Instagram.

Start by showing people that you will be showing up on video on Instagram regularly so more than 1 person watches. The more they know they can come to your profile for helpful or thought-provoking information, the more they will come to watch and engage.

Watch the full video for tips on how to overcome these feelings. Plus, see how my business changed when I stopped focusing on primping and started focusing on Instagram content.

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