How To Create Powerful Instagram Video Content That Will Increase Your High-Ticket Sales With Ease

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I am a firm believer that every type of Instagram video content plays an essential role in high ticket Instagram marketing.

👉🏾 Reels.

👉🏾 Instagram lives.

👉🏾 IG videos.

👉🏾 Instagram stories.

No feature gets left behind.

But – I am also a firm believer that there is a specific and strategic order of operations to follow when it comes to pushing out Instagram video content.

In order to take your leads through a flawless buyer’s journey, you need to be following the Winning Instagram Quadfecta.

Using this Instagram video content strategy you will amplify your visibility and pre-qualify some amazing leads.

Your content will help you create authentic and meaningful connections with your audience and lead them down the path to purchase with ease.

I’m going to give you the full rundown of the order of operations for creating Instagram video content.

But stick around ‘til the end, my friend.

I’m also going to show you how to use this strategy to confidently ask for the sale and follow through with the most seamless sales conversation you’ve ever had.

Let’s start with the order of operations. Save the juicy stuff for the end 😉 😉 😉


Step #1: Reels

The very first step in the order of operations for the Winning Instagram Quadfecta strategy is Reels.

I like to think of Instagram Reels kind of like the lead magnet of Instagram video marketing.

It’s the first type of Instagram video content new eyeballs will be exposed to, similar to the lead magnets you’ve created for your offer.

Similar to the e-book or PDF worksheet you use to grow your email list – Reels should be used to grow your audience.

I know a lot of online entrepreneurs think that Reels are only for people with a huge follower count.

But I am here to tell you that that is simply not true. 🙅🏾‍♀️

In fact – using Reels to reach a broader audience is arguably more important when you have a small audience.

If you’ve been waiting for a sign to jump on the Reels bandwagon – this is that sign.

Forget about your follower count.

The world needs to see your content and the best way to do that is through Reels.

Want more Reels tips? 🎥

Be sure to check out this post on leveraging Instagram Reels for selling your high-ticket offer.


Step #2: Instagram Live

One of the most common things I hear from my coaching clients is:

“Going live on Instagram scares the living sh*t out of me.”

And I’m not going to sugar coat it – going live is not easy, especially in the beginning.

But it is SUCH a powerful Instagram video marketing tool that you cannot skip out on. And I promise…it does get easier.

If you’re feeling afraid to go live – I want you to think of it like a fast pass at a theme park.

You know one of those passes that lets you skip the massive line of impatient people and hop on the ride before everyone else?

That’s what Instagram Live can do for your business.

Because the reality of Instagram is that your followers have a handful of accounts whose stories they watch every day.

And if you are not one of those accounts, your amazing story content is getting left at the back of the line.

By going live you get a fast pass to the front of that line which makes you immediately visible to your followers.

So the first reason to go live is to amplify your visibility. 📈

But once you’ve got a few people on your live, it’s a great place to build connection and trust.

Show up and answer your audience’s questions in real-time.

Show them that you are there for them to listen and engage with them in an authentic, and human way.

When you are marketing a high-ticket offer – connection is an essential ingredient in making a sale.

Your offer is not cheap, my friend.

But don’t decrease your price!

Instead – I want you to increase your investment in building a trusting relationship with your audience by going live on Instagram. ✅


Step #3: Instagram Videos

In my humble opinion – this is the hardest type of Instagram video content to master.

But this feature is the most effective way to take your most aligned and qualified leads down the path to purchase.

I like to think of it as an evergreen marketing funnel that permanently exists on your account ready to be binged by potential clients.

And this is the phase of the Instagram marketing funnel that online entrepreneurs make the most mistakes with.

I see so many people showing up on Instagram videos:

➡️ Telling all kinds of different stories about their offers

➡️ Speaking to too many different types of people

➡️ Posting 45-minute-long videos.

And then they come to me wondering why no one is ever jumping to buy their offer.

But when I show them that they have to use Instagram videos to create a cohesive evergreen Instagram marketing funnel [LINK TO POST ONCE PUBLISED] – all of a sudden they’ve got their dream clients sliding into their DMs in no time.

So remember to focus on telling a single story through your launch.

And don’t worry about pleasing everyone.

Focus on pleasing your most aligned and qualified client.

And of course – make your Instagram video content binge-able.

Our attention spans are short these days! We’re in the age of Snapchat and TikTok.

So don’t exceed 3 or 5 minutes for your Instagram videos, my friend.

Your audience will have no problem committing to watching 3 to 5-minute videos about your amazing offer. ✅

And soon enough they’ll be binging their way through your path to purchase and ready to make a sale.


Step #4: Instagram Stories

Once you’ve got your Instagram video content that is priming your audience you are ready for the final phase of the Winning Instagram Quadfecta:


Because you’ve done your due diligence through the 3 previous steps, you’ve got tons of warm leads ready to take the leap and invest in your offer.

Their minds and hearts are open – so now what?

It’s time to use your Instagram story to ask for the sale.

Yes, this can feel scary, but remember, these leads are hot and ready.

They’ve watched all your top-tier Instagram video content up until this point.

You’ve put in the work, now go get that sale. 💰 💰 💰

Stories are the best place to explicitly ask for a financial commitment from your warmest leads.

I’m going to give you a few ideas of how to do this and then, as promised, I’m going to tell you how to have a flawless sales conversation in the DMs.

Here are the two best ways to explicitly ask for a sale 👇🏾


1. Story Sticker:

I like to use the poll sticker to gauge my potential clients’ interest in my current offers.

For example, I might say:

“What offer do you feel most suited to right now?”

Then I can follow up with the folks who engage with this poll sticker to give them some one-on-one attention and hopefully close a sale.

Or I might ask:

“What area of your marketing strategy do you need help with?”

And then based on which of the poll options a viewer chooses, I follow up and recommend one of my offers to help them work on this goal.

As you can probably tell, the important part of using a story sticker is the follow-up.

But we’ll get to that in a second 😉


2. Story Prompt:

The second way I use stories to get Instagram sales is to prompt conversations.

I think a lot of people just repost their Instagram video content, or their Reels to their stories and call it a day.

But you need to be creating story-appropriate content that encourages conversation in your DMs.

Remember that at the end of a launch when you’ve got some warm leads waiting to be invited to buy from you, use your story to encourage conversation.

Show up and chat about how to work with you. Encourage them to ask questions. And remind them that you are always there to talk if they are interested.

Recently I hopped on my story and chatted about the 3 ways you can work with me during the next quarter.

After posting that, my warmest leads were in my DMs immediately like:

“Hey I can’t decide between Offer A and Offer B. What do you think suits me best?”


“Hey, I am really interested in this offer! Is a payment plan an option?”

And even

“Ok, you’ve convinced me. Booking a sales call now. Thanks, girl!”

Give the leads that are hot and ready an opportunity to connect with you.


Flawless Sales Convo in the DMs 101:

And once they’ve reached out through DM here’s how to have a flawless sales conversation:


Step 1: Ask for Permission

No matter what – when you want to head into a conversation about sales with someone about sales you MUST ask for permission first.

It doesn’t matter if they reached out to you or you reached out to them.

You absolutely must ask.

It shows respect for someone who could be a potential client and it makes people so much more willing to engage with you.

Sales conversations are not easy.

But they are 10 times easier when both parties have consented to talking about sales together ✅


Step 2: Pre-qualify Them

It is pretty likely that if they have been following along with your content and are almost ready to invest in your offer, they are probably pretty qualified.

I mean, that was the whole purpose of your video marketing strategy in the first place.

But before you go any further in your sales conversation make sure you check that you are talking with someone who would actually suit your offer.

I like to do this by asking something like:

“Can you give me an idea of who you are and where you are at in your business journey?”


“Can you describe what your marketing strengths are and what are a few things you need help with?”

I like to keep it pretty open-ended so that they can define themselves and their work in a way that speaks to them.

Like I said, the people who are engaging with you at this stage of your launch are usually extremely aligned with what you do. They’ve followed along for the whole marketing funnel.

But it’s important to be sure that you are following up with someone who is a good match for what you do.


Step 3: Clarify Your Offer

Once you believe your lead is a right fit, you can begin to clarify your offer and how it addresses their pain points.

They’ll likely have questions about what you focus on in your program and will be wondering whether or not they’re a right fit.

If you have multiple offers in your product suite, this is also a good time to discuss options and let them know which one you think would be best to solve their problem!


Step 4: Gauge Their Urgency

Next, I like to try to understand how urgently they need this solution.

Because sometimes people are just putting their feelers out and sometimes people need help right away.

And those are two very different timelines.

Both are valuable pieces of information that will help you know how to proceed.

If someone tells you that they need some help right away, go ahead and ask their permission to send the application form or book a sales call.

If the lead has a more relaxed timeline, maybe invite them to engage with you in another way.

Invite them to a masterclass or a freebie to keep you front of mind until they are ready to buy.

Sometimes with people who are in less of a rush – I will gently add a sense of urgency. ⏳

I never want to be too pushy, but I’ll just say something like,

“I won’t be offering this program again until next year because I’m focusing on a few other offers for the next few months. So if it’s something you are interested in I would highly recommend applying now! I think you are in a great position to benefit from the program.”


Step 5: Show Your Support

This is another one of the steps that you have to do throughout the conversation.

Remind your leads that regardless of what they decided to do, you are there to support them. ❤️

Reassure them that they are asking great questions and that it is your pleasure to answer them.

By creating an environment where your leads feel comfortable and supported by you – they will be even more likely to put their faith and their money in your hands.

It gives them a taste of what you are like to work with as a coach or service provider.

Supportive, reliable, engaged, and a great listener. ❤️

What more could they want?


Step 6: Follow Up

Listen – making this kind of investment is a big deal.

Sometimes even the warmest leads will need some time to think about the decision.

But don’t get discouraged.

Have the courage to follow up.

All it takes is a little message saying.

“Hey, I really appreciated our conversation the other day about [Insert Offer Name]! I noticed I haven’t received an application from you and the deadline is this week. Do you have any final questions I can answer? Let me know if you want me to resend the application link!”

Most of the time leads just needed some extra time to mull it over.

And once you’ve followed up with them they will be eager to submit an application right away! ✅

But if they’ve decided not to work with you…try not to take it personally.

Whether they ghost you or let you down easy – keep moving.

Focus on the folks who have applied to work with you and pat yourself on the back for facilitating a fantastic sales conversation.


Whoa. That was a LOT of information.

But I know you can handle it!

I get so excited to share these Instagram video strategies with you all and watch your businesses blossom and grow.

If you’re feeling like you need a little more time with this material, I’ve got just the thing.

My Booked and Banked Bundle will help you master the Winning Instagram Quadfecta strategy.

You will master all Instagram video mediums available to you to intentionally grow your visibility and connect with qualified leads for your high-ticket and premium-priced offers.

If you’re thinking:

“Damn, I love the sound of this bundle, but I just don’t have the following or the previous client list to make it worth it.”

Don’t sweat it!

This offer is for online entrepreneurs with audiences of any size or client experience.

The Instagram video strategies I teach will help you amplify your online impact whether you are just getting started or if you’ve been doing this for years.

In my opinion, it is always the right time to invest in your Instagram marketing strategy regardless of the size of your business.

So if you like the sounds of this program check it out here and get booked and banked with me.