How to Skyrocket Instagram Sales by Mastering the Art of Quality Instagram Stories

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In my humble opinion – Instagram Stories are the most underrated feature when it comes to making Instagram sales.


So many amazing online entrepreneurs take their audience through a flawless buyer’s journey and come to me saying:

“I thought I did everything right, but I only got ONE application to work with me!! 😫”

And to be honest – this breaks my heart.

If you’re going through a flopped launch right now, I have some words of wisdom on how to survive a failed launch.

I feel for you! 💔

You put so much effort into walking your audience through a perfect marketing strategy.

Your dream clients understand exactly what their problem is and believe that YOU are their most viable solution.

The due diligence has been done.

Your profile is chock-full of high-value content priming your most aligned clients to be ready to invest in your offer.

BUT…you’ve neglected to employ one very important feature.

And that is the good old fashioned:

~Instagram Story~


Your Instagram Story is THE place to convert your warmest leads into Instagram sales.

Because no matter how many times you say:

👉🏾 “Click the link in my bio to sign up!”

👉🏾 “Check out the link in my bio to book your discovery call!”

👉🏾 “Link in bio to claim your spot!”

You need to directly ask people to commit to investing in your high-ticket offer.

Listen, I get it if sales freak you right out.

But you know what should freak you out even more?

Being BROKE!

😂 😂 😂

In all seriousness though – you need to start using your story to ask for your Instagram sales.

It might be something like:

“Only 5 spots left for my program! DM to claim your spot!”

“My program starts Monday – will you be there?”

“The final spot in my program is up for grabs! Do you want it?”

Asking for the sale is only ONE part of leveraging stories to get Instagram Sales.

The other half of it is posting the kind of content that will truly convince people that they can’t wait any longer. That gets them feeling like they need to DM you to secure their spot ASAP!

But remember – not everyone’s brain works the same way when it comes to sales.

Some people want all the important facts about your offer.

Some people want to know what kind of community you’re offering.

Some people want to know what kind of transformation they’re going to have.

And in order to get Instagram sales from each of these types of people – you want to cater your story content to all these personalities.

Lucky for you, I’ve created a list of the five Instagram story types that you need to do in order to sell.👇🏾


  1.  Behind The Scenes

When it comes to making Instagram sales, you want to post behind-the-scenes video content that excites your potential clients.

BTS content is such a powerful way to give your warmest leads a taste of what they get when they invest in your high-ticket offer.

But there are two very strategic ways of doing BTS content based on whether you are a coach or a service provider. 👇🏾


BTS for Service Providers

As a service provider, your potential clients need to see the behind-the-scenes of creating your client deliverables.

So you might show them a day in the life as you make your way through client work.

Maybe a time-lapse of your morning work session.

Or have them follow along as you check off tasks on your to-do list.

People respond really well to this type of video content because they can actually conceptualize what they are paying such a high-ticket price for.

Your warmest leads are ready for you to stop talking about what you can do for them and just SHOW them.


BTS for Coaches

Workdays for coaches look a little different than service providers.

As coaches, you are talking to people all. day. every. day. 

So how do you show the BTS of exactly what that looks like?

First things first – I want you to make sure you are recording all your coaching sessions.

Whether you want to use them for content or not, you should be recording them for you and your client to refer to.

But because you already have these sessions recorded – go the extra mile and use it as BTS content for your IG story!

I am not suggesting that you post a video of your client’s most vulnerable moments.

But if you have a moment of brilliant coaching in one of your sessions, use it! ✅

Make note of your most inspirational and impactful coaching moments. Now you can share them to show potential clients what amazing guidance they could receive from you.

By seeing you in action with a client – your warmest leads will be converted into Instagram sales in no time.

Because you are amazing at what you do – make sure the world gets a BTS look at it!

⚠️ DISCLAIMER  ⚠️ If you are going to record a coaching session and use any of it for social media content always, ALWAYS ask the permission of your client first. Whether you feature them in the content or not, this is someone’s private session. It’s just the right thing to do!


2. Social Proof

Social proof is one of the most important things you could post to get Instagram sales.

If you are setting up expectations about getting certain results – you’ve got to share the proof.

That might be screenshots, case studies, testimonials. But whatever it is, it has to show that your premium price offer gets results.

Starting right now, you need to document every single nice thing someone says about your business.

Every thank you message, every Instagram shoutout… EVERYTHING.

Save them in a social proof folder on your phone and keep them around to post on your story.

Because when you do – it shows your warmest leads that people who have invested in your services have absolutely L❤️VED their results.

If you know me you know I always prefer video content. It’s just the best, OKAY?

Which is why I always ask my clients for video testimonials.

Now some of them will be a little camera shy, but as my main focus is video content most of my clients are like:

“No problem, girl. Lemme get my ring light!”

I challenge you to do the same.

Explain to your client that as a small business owner their video testimonial would be extremely helpful for you.

Be sure to give your clients a few instructions to make the process easier and even more effective for your marketing strategy.

Ask them to send me a two-minute video filmed horizontally and you can even give them specific questions to answer.

I usually send them a list of 5 to 7 questions to start with.

Doing this has made a huge difference in the types of testimonials I receive.

So don’t be afraid to ask specific questions.

For example 👇🏾

Who are you? What do you do?

Where did you start before working with me?

How did it feel to work with me?

What was the outcome?

What were some of the results you experienced?

What was your transformation?

Asking for a testimonial can feel a little awkward – but if you are cultivating positive relationships with your clients and doing your job right – I’m positive that you will have trouble getting some glowing reviews.

Social proof, especially in the form of video testimonials, is a powerful tool in securing Instagram sales.

Your warmest leads are sitting there almost ready to buy.

And then they will come across this video content on your story RAVING about the transformation you facilitated.

This kind of content is SO often the final step in converting a lead into an Instagram sale. 


3. Instagram Stories That Trigger FOMO

The third content category to get Instagram sales is FOMO.

Which stands for fear of missing out.

You know like when your bestie asks you if you wanna go out on a Friday and you’re like:

“Nah, I’m good.”

But then an hour later you see her IG story at some gorgeous restaurant and all of a sudden you have your high heels on and you’re halfway out the door?

That’s FOMO. ✅

You want your warmest leads to feel like unless they get their shit together and buy now – they’re seriously missing out on an amazing opportunity.

How do you do that?


1. Welcome Graphics

I’ve got a few different strategies but the first one is welcome graphics.

Posting a welcome graphic is a way to show your warmest leads what kind of person has actually taken the leap to work with you.

This might look like posting a picture of the person, just posting their name, or even tagging them on Instagram (with their permission of course).

That way, warm leads can look at who your actual clients are and see themselves represented.

See someone who is at a similar phase in their business, or is in the same industry as them.

It will reaffirm for them that this is the right opportunity for them to invest in.

Your lead will see someone who is just like them – having access to your amazing program and they’re gonna think to themselves:

“You know what – I can’t wait any longer. I’m in.”


2. Limited Spots

One of the best ways to pique a lead’s interest is to let them know that there are very limited spots left in your program.

If you can only accept 5 clients into your program – LET PEOPLE KNOW 📢 📢 📢

That way if a lead is on the fence about whether or not they are ready to invest, they realize there is an urgency to decide.

And your Instagram story is such a good place to share this info.

Show up and let people know that there are a limited number of spots left.

Once you’ve done that, ask them to take action.

Whether it’s to DM you, respond to the question sticker, or swipe up on your story – make sure they know what action to take to secure their spot.

Give your warmest leads the opportunity to say yes to your offer, by upping the urgency and asking them to commit to one of the limited spots in your program.


3. Deadlines

The third FOMO tactic to use on your story to get Instagram sales is to have a deadline. 🗓️

My favorite way to do this is to have a VIP deadline and a public deadline.

Let your audience know that if they want in on your product or service earlier then they have to be a part of your email list or Facebook group.

Get them to commit to being a part of your inner circle.

And then – make sure that your inner circle members get a perk for signing up early. Maybe it’s a discount or a freebie.

Finally, be sure to give them a deadline to claim this VIP offer.

Let them know that as of a certain date your offer will be open to the public for a regular price, no freebie, and available to a much wider network of people so they better act fast.

With a deadline approaching your leads are going to be afraid to miss out on the opportunity to buy now.

You’ll have Instagram sales in no time. 💃🏾 💃🏾


4. Promo Sequence

The promo sequence stories are for the leads that want to know all the facts.

This just means that you need to remember to frequently post all the logistical details about your offer.

The name

When it starts

What the goal is

What’s the promise

What’s included

How to sign up

What’s the price

And any other details that someone might need to know in order to make a big investment.

And I get it – this is a lot of details to remember to post.

What I like to do is to make a perfect promo sequence in Canva that includes every single detail about my offer and save it on my phone.

That way, every time I need to remind my audience about the logistics of my current offer, I’ve got it at the ready to share.

If you’ve been directing people to a post with your offer details I’m here to tell you:

🙅🏾‍♀️ That is NOT enough 🙅🏾‍♀️

You need to be creating story content that addresses the details of your offer in order to get Instagram sales.

So don’t slack off, my friend.

Head over to Canva and draw up that promo sequence now so you’ve got it under control.


5. FAQs

The final content category for stories that will help you make Instagram sales is FAQs.

You need to be showing up on your stories to answer people’s frequently asked questions throughout your entire launch.

In fact, both Promo Sequence stories and FAQ stories should be something you post every other day during the launch of an offer.


Because sometimes the only thing between a warm lead and a red hot sale is a question.

And once that question is answered, your potential client will become a paid client real quick!

Addressing FAQs frequently on your story during a launch is your chance to clear up any confusion around pricing, goals, pre-qualifications, time commitment, etc.

You get to tackle any objections people have and work through them for your followers.

Listen…I know you’ve probably answered all these questions in your promo sequence, but I don’t care.

Keep showing up and answering your audience’s questions as often as you can.

Make sure they understand:

How your program works

How long it lasts

If there are live events

How many spots are available

What resources come with it

What they will gain

Every time a potential client’s question is answered it eliminates the barrier of entry to buying from you.

Make it easy for your potential clients to become paid clients by ensuring they have all the info they need to make a big investment like this.

Because remember – what you are selling is not cheap. 💰 💰 💰

And for people to feel comfortable paying premium prices – they need to feel like they are making an informed decision.

Which is why consistently showing up to answer your audience’s FAQs is a crucial step in getting Instagram sales.


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