How to Create Instagram Video Content That Will Make Dream Clients Slide Into your DMs

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Picture a world where your Instagram video content is so powerful that your DMs are FULL of enthusiastic messages from dream clients saying:

“I’m ready!”

“Sign me up!”

“I’m in! ”

Doesn’t it put a smile on my face just thinking about it?

So the question is – are you ready to make this dream a reality?

If so, it’s time to step up your Instagram video content.

As a coach or service provider, our video content has the power to have us booked and banked months at a time.

Especially when you sell high-ticket.

You are asking people to fork up quite a bit of cash to work with you.

It’s a big investment!

That’s why building trust and connection with your audience is paramount to getting sales.

Not to mention – video marketing is *essential* if you want to stand out in the online market.

I don’t want to scare you…but there are a lot of fish in the online-business-sea.

But having top-notch video content will make sure your unique personality shines through.

And your most aligned and qualified leads will be able to say with certainty:


“That’s the kind of person I need to work with! Sign me up!”

Instagram offers 4 different video formats.

Reels, Live, IG Videos, and Stories.

And listen to me when I tell you that every format is important.

By leveraging each type of video you take your leads from potential clients to paying clients flawlessly. ✨

Stick around while I show you how each video feature plays an essential role in getting sales on Instagram.👇🏾



1. Reels

Let’s start off with the ever-trendy Instagram Reels.

Some people think that Reels are just off-brand TikToks but please, PLEASE don’t sleep on this format.

It is undeniable that Reels are highly engaging.

Ever found yourself on your explore page for WAY too long wondering where your time went? 🤔

I’m willing to bet Reels were responsible for that.

One of the most powerful things about Reels is that they have the potential to reach so many new accounts.

And out of all the video features on Instagram, this is the feature with the most *viral* potential.

So get out there and get that exposure, girl!!! 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾

Whether you have a hundred followers or thousands of followers – making Reels is marketing magic.

It’s time to get comfortable making Instagram Reels and upping your visibility beyond your existing followers.

That way you are growing your audience who will stick around to see the rest of your amazing video content.

Want even more Reels tips? I got you covered in this recent post on how to leverage Instagram reels for high-ticket offer success.


2. Instagram Live

I get it – Instagram Live makes people nervous.

Maybe you feel worried about not being able to edit the video content or you worry you’ll totally lose your train of thought.

But let me tell you… you CANNOT skip this video content feature!

As nerve-wracking as it is to show up in real-time with your audience, you’ve gotta do it.

This is the only Instagram feature where you get to authentically interact with your followers.

You’re able to answer their questions in real-time as they happen.

With every question you answer, you are building that like, know and trust factor that is essential in high-ticket sales.

It’s time to start thinking about Instagram Lives as an opportunity.

An opportunity to build a relationship with your audience AND an opportunity to get feedback from them.

Pay attention to the questions that come up often.

Pay attention to what concepts get lots of “thank yous” when you explain them.

And remember to PAY ATTENTION to when you get all those little red hearts popping up.

Take note of what exactly you were talking about.

During an Instagram Live, your audience is telling you exactly what they want to know from you and exactly what they like about your content.

So please, please, PLEASE listen to them!

And make sure they feel heard!

Of course, you’re gonna answer their questions on the Live, but maybe you wanna make a note to answer their questions again in another piece of content soon.

A perfect place to do that?

IG Videos. 👇🏾



3. Instagram Video

IG Videos are the best choice when it comes to long-form video content.

And by “long-form” I am not suggesting that you make use of the one-hour time limit.

I’m serious!

Ask yourself – when was the last time you watched an IG Video that was an hour-long?

Can’t remember?

Exactly. ✅

Because the sweet spot for IG Video is actually only about 3-5 minutes.

And I’m telling you right now – 3 to 5 minutes is all you need to create high value, binge-able and effective IG Video content.

Your IG videos can exist on your profile as a permanent Instagram evergreen marketing [LINK TO BLOG ONCE PUBLISHED] funnel that will drive conversations, conversions, and sales.

3 to 5 minutes is a very short, binge-able amount of time that leads to the highest rates of saves, shares, and website clicks of any other content you could put out.

So save the 60-minute videos for Livestreams.

Focus on making your IG Videos so jam-packed with value that your coldest leads could convert to enthusiastic buyers by binging your content.


4. IG Stories

Finally, we’re gonna talk about Instagram stories.

Most of us use stories daily to maintain a consistent connection with our audience.

You might show some BTS of your biz, share social proof, or even share a bit of your personal life.

Posting this type of content continues to nurture that like, know, trust relationship with your followers.

The other thing IG Stories are good for is market research.

You should always be on there asking your followers what they like, what they want more of, and what questions they have.

And NO – this is not cheating. 🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️🙅🏾‍♀️

This is listening to your community.

That way you can serve them to the best of your abilities because you’ve asked them what exactly they need from you.

And finally, Instagram Stories have a powerful role in closing sales.

Your warmest and most qualified leads are the ones watching all your stories, following along with the day-to-day happenings in your business.

And your Instagram stories are the perfect place to formally invite them to take action.

Use your Instagram stories to ask your warmest leads to give you permission to sell to them.

You can use a question sticker, a poll, or a good old-fashioned DM.

If you post a question saying:

“What month would you be most likely to join my program?”

And you get a few responses.

You’ve gotta get in there and follow up and make sure those interested folks hear from you.


After walking through each type of video in so much detail, it’s easy to see how *essential* they all are.

The Winning Instagram quadfecta is the best way to leverage your Instagram video content in a way that actually drives sales.

And not just any sales – High-ticket sales.

Because your offer is worth that high-ticket price tag! 🎉🎉🎉

And when your content starts to reflect that – your DMs will be full of eager and qualified leads ready to say yes.

If you want to dive even deeper into this video content strategy here’s what you need to do.

Sign up for the FREE Winning Instagram Quadfecta Masterclass.

I’ll show you how to intentionally create content that will attract and engage high-ticket buyers.

See you there! 👋🏾