How to Craft A Cohesize Instagram Profile Aesthetic (No Design Skills Required)

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Do you ever find yourself totally fangirling over someone else’s Instagram profile aesthetic, wishing you could achieve the same thing?

Do you start daydreaming about having the perfect feed, perfectly branded content, gorgeous brand photos?

But then you are rudely awakened when you realize that you have zero design skills whatsoever?

It happens to the best of us, friend…but I’m here to tell you something.

There is no excuse not to have a cohesive Instagram aesthetic…regardless of your design skills.

Yes – that may sound harsh – but I am the queen of tough love.

And I know for a fact that it’s totally possible to have the Instagram feed of your dreams.

What’s the secret?

Diversifying your feed content and making a multimedia social strategy a priority.

Remember: when someone lands on your page they’re going to take a look at your bio and your first nine posts.

That’s their first impression.

So don’t eff it up, sis!

In order to master this first impression – you’ve got to make sure that there’s a little something for everyone on your grid.

Maybe one person will be drawn to a picture from your brand photoshoot.

Maybe another will be excited to read an amazing infographic.

And someone else might be excited to check out a video mini-training.

But posting a variety of mediums throughout your feed ensures that no matter what kind of content someone is drawn to, they’ll be able to find something on your page.

So without further ado, I want to give you a run-down of each type of content to post in your Instagram feed in order to achieve a cohesive Instagram profile aesthetic.



I’m going to keep it simple and start with images.

Something a lot of people forget to do (or are just plain old scared to do!) is show your face online.

Yes, it can be nerve-wracking. But your potential clients want to see the human being behind the business.

It will help grow your like, know, and trust factor and lead clients down the path to purchase.

So, please… I am BEGGING you…don’t hide behind stock images.

It’s a massive turn-off for new clients and will send them packing before they’ve even taken a minute to dive deeper into your profile.

A lot of online entrepreneurs think of a brand photoshoot as one of the last parts of their brand identity pieces.

But that couldn’t be more wrong!

Having polished brand photos shows the world that even before you have a snazzy website or fancy video equipment you are to be taken seriously.

And remember – people who take brand photos for a living know what they’re doing.

So even if you’re feeling a little nervous or intimidated, they will be there to guide you through the process. And you’ll walk away getting some bomb-ass photos for the cohesive Instagram profile aesthetic of your dreams!

Remember that even if it’s intimidating to post pictures of yourself on your business account, it is so worth it in the long run.

Your potential clients will appreciate seeing the human behind the brand – trust me.

Disclaimer: Please continue to post pictures of yourself on your business account even if they are not the posts with the best engagement.

If you are an online entrepreneur people are usually following your account to learn something or buy something.

So don’t freak out if you get fewer likes or fewer comments on your brand photos.

Remember that the value of posting pictures like this is about clarifying your brand and showing the human behind the business and of course contributing to having a cohesive Instagram profile aesthetic.

So if you get fewer shares or comments or website clicks – it is totally normal!

That’s why posting pictures of YOU is only one type of content you need on your Instagram profile.



Carousel posts are by far one of the most effective Instagram feed posts out there.

The algorithm LOVES carousel posts.


Because carousel posts depend on viewers interacting with the post by swiping through all the slides.

People rarely just look at the first slide and get all the info they need.

(That is, if it’s a well-made carousel, of course.)

But most people actually want to swipe through and learn the next thing, that leads to the next thing and the next.

So compared to other single-slide posts – viewers spend WAY more time on carousel posts.

The algorithm recognizes and thinks: “Well damn, this must be a great post. I’m gonna push this out to more people and make sure they see it too.”

Which is why it performs so well for engagement.

So whether it’s educational content or promotional content, using carousel posts is a great option for diversifying your Instagram profile aesthetic.



Let’s have a chat about graphics! Because contrary to popular belief, they do not follow the same logic as carousel posts.

Yes, they’re still information-focused.

Yes, they’re still a visual way to explain a concept within your industry or business.

And yes…they are an essential component of a cohesive Instagram profile aesthetic.

But they differ from carousel posts in one major way. 👇🏽

The magic of a good graphic is that they’re best when you keep them simple.

Making a simple graphic that a lot of people can relate to or find value in is a surefire way to get your posts shared and saved.

Whether that’s shared on people’s stories, sent via DMs to new viewers, or even reposted to someone else’s feed.

People love a good quote or a Twitter screenshot post.

We can’t help it, we just want to share it with our own communities!

A simple, aesthetically-pleasing graphic coupled with a quality caption can be an amazing tool to reach new audience members…and contribute to a gorgeous Instagram profile aesthetic.



The last type of content I want you to include in your Instagram feed is video content.

Now I could write a whole book all about why you should include video content into your Instagram strategy – but for now, I’ll keep it short and sweet.

First things first…video content is the best way for your clients to get to know who you really are.

As someone selling high-ticket offers, you’re asking clients to make a massive investment in your offer, but also in YOU.

So it’s extremely helpful for them to get to know you first. That way, they feel like they have a real relationship with the person they’re paying thousands of dollars to.

Showing up on video in your feed shows potential clients what you sound like, your teaching style, your sense of humor, and it gives them the opportunity to decide if you seem like the kind of person they would invest in.

The second great thing about video content?

The Instagram algorithm loves it.

It’s an amazing way to get more views and reach NEW audience members.

Contrary to popular belief, video content does not perform better than image content for most industries. However, for online entrepreneurs it does!

Because people are coming to your account to learn something, not to just see pretty pictures.

And videos are such a powerful way to deliver high-quality educational content (which is why perform better for online entrepreneurs like ourselves!)



My Fav Apps for A Cohesive Instagram Profile Aesthetic


If you’re thinking:

“Latesha, you said I wasn’t going to need to have design skills to level up my IG feed…but now you’re out here talking about carousel posts and graphics. How do you expect me to do all that?”

Don’t stress, my friend. I’ve got all my favorite apps that help me maintain a cohesive Instagram profile aesthetic without needing any design skills.

Here we go:


#1 Canva

So for number one we’ve got Canva.

And if you are an online business owner and you are still sleeping on Canva – WAKE UP!

This tool is fantastic and will save your life, especially if you’re not a professional designer.

You can use Canva to save your brand kit with your colors, fonts, graphics, and more.

You can also create templates for posts that you want to re-use.

Not to mention, you can save your photos, videos, logos…

ANYTHING you need to maintain a cohesive Instagram profile aesthetic, Canva can do for you.

If you’ve been waiting to get Canva now is your chance because I’ve got an affiliate link for you to go pro with your account and get access to all these amazing features.





VEED.IO is the app where I add branding to all my Instagram video content.

So once you’ve got everything recorded you can just upload it into VEED.IO and resize it and brand it however you like.

VEED lets you have the captions in your brand font.

You can have your title and end cards in a cohesive color scheme.

And the best part is it’s all saved in the app – so it streamlines the process of posting video content to your feed.

When it comes to having a cohesive Instagram profile aesthetic, video content always trips people up.

So if you want your feed to look fresh while also diversifying your content mediums, VEED.IO is the way to go!


#3 Loom

Loom is another video content tool that I love.

I record all my video content in Loom. Whether it’s a training or Instagram video this is my app of choice.

Loom allows me to share my screen while I speak so it’s *perfect* for educational video content.

But recording with Loom is always just the first step.

Once it’s recorded, I can easily download the video and upload it to VEED.IO to add my branding.

But as someone who is always creating video content, I would highly recommend using Loom.

No matter if you have zero design skills or you’re a pro designer, learning how to master Instagram is an ongoing journey.

And not to discourage you or anything, but having a cohesive Instagram profile aesthetic is only ONE part of a successful Instagram strategy.

There are tons of features that you’re going to need to get a handle on to maximize your online presence as a business owner.

Luckily, my Booked & Banked Instagram Course bundle is currently on sale so now you can learn how to master…

IG Reels

Instagram Live

Instagram Videos

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….and more!

So that not only do you have a gorgeous Instagram profile aesthetic, but your content is top-notch and brings in the most aligned and qualified clients.

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