The Biggest Thing Holding Online Entrepreneurs Back

Are you owning and running your business with a mindset of an employee? This might just be the biggest thing I see that is holding online entrepreneurs back from hitting their income goals. I say this with personal experience since this mindset was something that held me back early on in my business. 


In today’s episode, I explain the difference between running your business as an employee versus stepping into the important role of CEO. Tune in as I discuss how the employee mindset might be showing up within your business, and what it means to be a CEO who makes calculated risks and scary decisions that propel your business forward.


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Employee vs. CEO mindset
  • The problem with some serial learners and impatient implementers 
  • Are you giving things the opportunity to work?
  • Why your coach is not responsible for your actions
  • How fear gets in the way of your growth
  • Why focusing, leaning in, executing, and speaking up are necessary to your success


“If those decisions keep you stuck, if those decisions keep you feeling like you’re running on a treadmill instead of running on the actual road where you thought you were, then you have to take a different course of action.”

– Latesha Lynch



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