How I Leveraged Instagram to Sell Premium Services

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Raise your hand if you’re trying to leverage Instagram to sell your high-ticket and premium offers. Now raise your hand if you find Instagram to be stressful and overwhelming. In today’s episode, I want to have a raw, honest conversation about how I was able to leverage Instagram when I stopped trying to impress people.


I share my personal journey with Instagram and how I spent countless hours creating graphics, receiving nothing but crickets in my DMs. I also discuss why showing your face on Instagram, especially on video, is so important when you want to sell high-ticket and premium offers. If you’re letting vanity metrics and a small follower count stop you from showing up on Instagram, this episode is for you. Tune in as I share how I managed to turn my Instagram woes around by leveraging the power of video to sell my premium services.


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • How I used to approach Instagram
  • The important role that video plays in your content strategy
  • Showing up live, even if no one is watching
  • Being authentically you
  • Why vanity metrics aren’t meaningful
  • Creating the right kind of content to sell your premium services


“Are you going live to see a million people watching you? Or are you trying to make an impact with your ideal clients and trying to help them have a transformation and see that your offer can really help them? Because if that’s the case, then your focus shouldn’t be how many people are looking at you when you’re on there.”

– Latesha Lynch