From 0 to Nearly 1 Million in 2 Years by 25 with Madison Tinder

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I first came across Madison Tinder when I decided that a business coach was exactly what I needed to grow my business back in 2020. Madison is a business and marketing strategist who focuses on helping online business owners scale their business with visibility tactics, unique product suites, and launch strategies. She also happens to be the reason why my business is where it is today. She is my very first business coach and now my first-ever podcast guest.

In today’s episode, Madison discusses the importance of leading with confidence. She also shares tips for recognizing when you might be ready to shift your business or product suite. She shares why diversifying your revenue streams is so important and what Madison has done to diversify hers. 

Tune in as we have a candid discussion about growing and scaling your business, and how you can get comfortable making big scary investments. Besides, who better to kick off my multi-six and seven-figure interview series with than with someone who went from zero to $1 million in just two years at the age of 25.

Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Madison’s story and business growth
  • Being confident in your experience
  • The ups and downs that go on behind the scenes in entrepreneurship
  • How to know when you’re ready to shift your business or product suite
  • Diversifying your revenue stream
  • How investments pay off in the long run


“I definitely had someone tell me that they wouldn’t have invested in me if they knew my age. But I know I have tons of experience. I’ve worked with a lot, I’ve done a lot of marketing, a lot of social media top athletes. I’ve done a lot in my lifetime.”

– Madison Tinder