5 Mindset Shifts to Make to Confidently Charge High-Ticket Prices

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2019 was the year I accepted logo clients for $150 and website clients for $450. It was also the year that I was a logo designer, graphics designer, website designer, social media manager, and social media ads manager (I was doing all the things). It was very easy to get clients at those price points and my referrals came in, consistently. I never had to market my business, and I also never made any real money. 

In today’s episode, I share how hard it was to break beyond $2K-$4K months with low prices and the struggles I had with increasing my prices knowing my old clients wouldn’t be able to afford them. I share the 5 major mindset shifts that I had to make that made it easier to confidently sell my services and coaching programs at high-ticket prices.

This episode is for any service-based entrepreneur or coach who knows they need to increase their prices, but they are having a difficult time actually doing it. Tune in and let’s get clear on how you can change your mindset around high-ticket pricing.

Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • The background of my business and freelancing journey
  • How I dealt with old clients’ reactions to price increases
  • How I adjusted my pricing mindset
  • Mindset shifts I needed to make in order to get comfortable with charging higher prices

We look at facts, not fears when making high-ticket and premium business decisions.”