How Do You Know You’re Ready to Quit Your Full-Time Job with my Mom

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Like so many of you, I was once faced with the very difficult decision of quitting my full-time job. Throughout the process, I was riddled with questions and fears. Knowing when to quit your full-time job to pursue working on your own business is a choice that’s never comfortable or easy, no matter what age you are. However, if you want something different for your life, you deserve to make that choice and pursue change.


I’m sharing my personal story of how I ultimately decided to quit my full-time job and give my business my all. I share what was going through my mind and how I felt. I’ve also invited a very special guest to help me with this discussion — my mom, who quit her full-time job that she’s been at for 20 years. This is a heartfelt episode for any entrepreneur or solopreneur who is currently facing the same decision. 


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • About me and my business today
  • Why I ultimately decided to leave my comfortable 9-5 job
  • Finding the confidence to keep going with my business
  • Learning how to build a product suite
  • Why my mom quit her full-time job after 20 years
  • Did my mom have quitters remorse?
  • How my mom currently feels after quitting her job


“I didn’t want to work for someone else. I had no control over my time, I had to ask when I wanted to take vacations. And quite frankly, I just wasn’t very passionate about the work that I was doing.”

– Latesha Lynch