Growing a Multi 6-Figure Product Business with Zero Ads or Outside Funding

There are many differences between growing a service-based business versus a product-based business. If you’re an entrepreneur who runs a product business, or maybe you’re interested in dabbling in e-commerce in the future, this episode is for you.

My guest today is none other than Kerrie Fitzgerald. Kerrie is a subscription box and e-commerce marketing expert who grew a multi-6 figure product business with zero ads or outside funding. She’s sharing the mistakes she’s made, her top 3 biggest tips that led to her business’s massive success, and advice for starting either a product-based or service-based business. 

Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • How Kerrie started Dapper Dog
  • Her biggest mistakes in her business
  • Kerrie’s top 3 tips for business success
  • Bootstrapping and being resourceful
  • Why Kerrie sold her company
  • Balancing being a mom and her new business
  • Advice for starting both a product-based and service-based business


“I realized I don’t need to do everything, I just need to do the most important things and outsource the other stuff, so that’s helped me with balance.”

– Kerrie Fitzgerald