Why I Regret Hustling for More Clients Early In My Business

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I watch so many business owners I admire launching what seems like a new offer every month and getting so many new clients. It makes it seem easy to hustle for clients.

Transparency ????: This has been both inspiring but also triggering for me, because it makes me feel pressure to take on so many clients too.

In fact, this was always my goal. That is THE goal in business, right?

The more clients the better.

I thought I needed to be focused on getting as many clients as possible because more clients meant:

???? More success

????More desire for what I had to share

???? And more money in my business

I felt that pressure so early on in my business.

In 2019, I counted new clients like one would count pennies excitedly waiting for them to add up to a dollar.

I carried this goal of getting as many clients as possible for months leading into last year.

But what was also happening with this “success” was the gaps in my business processes were MAGNIFIED.

If even just one client delayed me, my entire business felt like it would fall apart

I had to get over the fear that “I won’t make enough money if I work with less clients.”

And I needed to adjust my expectations of what success meant for me in my business.

What I learned is that more clients doesn’t always mean more money, but almost always means more problems if you’re not prepared to take them on (mentally or operationally)

I needed to stop measuring my own success by the success of others

Lastly, I needed to get very clear on how much time I wanted to spend working and that needed to align with how much time I actually had to spend working on my own business and my client’s businesses.

Here’s a Replay of a Live Discussion About Not Hustling for Clients

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