Why Getting More Clients Can Actually Be a Bad Thing For Business

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I know early in your business, the goal was definitely to get more clients so you stay in business.

But as you get SMART about business, the goal becomes finding ways to work with fewer clients (and or fewer hours) and still make the money you need to sustain and want to have the lifestyle you desire.

Here are 4 things you’re probably going through and why they are the opposite of what you need:

1. Need too many clients to hit income goals:

If your current price point isn’t enough to allow you to take on the clients you can handle due to time constraints, then it is too low.

2. You’re attracting clients but still not the right clients

Working with just any client often brings you the clients who delay your progress, don’t implement the strategy you worked on the way you discussed, and they don’t see the same results that your best clients see.

3. Stressing out trying to launch passive offers because you don’t have time to take on more clients

Low ticket offers require a bigger audience. It’s a numbers game, if you already don’t have a high following, you’re not going to get the volume you need to make the income you needed to hit your monthly goal.

4. You have little to no time to work on your business:

Adding in more offers when you’re already strapped for time and burnt out is the way to burn out faster.

What you really need to do so – so you can stop burning out, have time to focus on your business and health, and consistently sell your offers – is to focus on working with fewer clients at a premium price point.

Remember, fewer clients means more time to:

  • Create a better experience for your existing clients
  • Have free time
  • Sleep
  • Work on your own business and personal development

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