How I made over $60K in 5 months with just 2 offers

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One of the things that I see so many entrepreneurs doing in the online space is trying to keep up with the Ultra Successful Idol Online Entrepreneurs (read: the Jones’) by creating a million different offers. You don’t think you can make big money unless you follow in their footsteps.

But here’s what you’re doing that’s not really working for you:

✔️ Trying to create passive income by launching that course

✔️ Looking for quick money injections by creating a one-off masterclass

✔️ Still offering all of the services at different price points for that tiered effect that captures all the clients

✔️And let’s not forget the custom offers you came up with for a few clients that you sell every once in a while

Here’s why none of that is working well for you:

????????‍♀️ Adding in more offers when you’re already strapped for time and burnt out is the way to burn out faster

????????‍♀️ Passive income offers are great for business when you already have sold your high-ticket offers consistently and well

????????‍♀️ Custom offers require more work and time than having one signature offer with one solid process

You’re stretching yourself too thin with all these new shiny offers. But you haven’t really figured out how to maximize the income of your best offer.

The more offers you create, the more systems you have to put in place. If you already don’t have many reliable systems in place, you’re asking for a nightmare.

One of the best things I could have done was reduce my offers from 7 to 2.

Every time I launch one of them, all of the things I need are already made. I have emails, sales pages, domain names, graphics, testimonials, videos, EVERYTHING. Yes, I may need to make some updates, but the bones and structure are there and ready to go.

And when the program launches again, everything I need for the next group is already created. All because my framework was solid.

Watch the replay until the end to hear the 4 things to consider when reducing your offers to signature offers.

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