2 Ways to Increase Your Monthly Revenue Without Taking On More Clients

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You need to first decide based on the offers in your suite, which stage of business your ideal clients need to be in to value those offers. Next, you need to figure out the stages of your offers so you can retain existing clients longer. This gives you a chance to increase your monthly revenue.

Before you implement what I shared in this reel…

You need to make sure all your offers are at a profitable price point to help you hit the revenue goals. These are based on your financial need and time capacity.

Your offers also need to have a good track record (receipts)

And when you’re ready follow the steps below that work best for your business:

Option 1: For you to upsell to your existing clients, you first need to have offers that complement one another

Ex: coaches have a step 1 offer that will give their ideal clients a big transformation. This offer is a required stepping stone for an ultimate transformation. Step one, learn to price for profitability and build visibility so you can get sales at a new, higher price point.

Once you’ve consistently sold at the higher price point and gotten results, the step 2 offer is to grow exponentially. Do this by packaging a high ticket offer into a premium offer. You also need the first level program to learn to build authority, and find an audience who will pay a premium.

Option 2: Increase your prices to a profitable price point so you don’t have to overwork to hit income goals

Price points need to take into consideration:

✔️How much time you can work for any client (exclude time to also work on your actual business). So in a 40 hour work week, you can spend 29 hours working for clients

✔️Figure out your personal and business expenses so at a minimum you can pay for those

✔️Add at least a 10% profit margin

✔️Add in how much it costs for you to do each particular service

✔️Calculate how many hours it takes you to work on the service from start to finish. Include the administrative tasks like setting the client up, invoice, emailing, etc.

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