The 5 Ways I Left Money on the Table in My Service Business

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I’m embarrassed to share five significant ways I inadvertently left money on the table in my business after completing a recent audit. If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with the revenue of your business despite putting in consistent efforts, then this episode will not only humble you, but also inspire you to audit your own business.

In this episode, I share what I found after conducting a comprehensive audit of my business to uncover the substantial missed opportunities that were impacting my revenue. I explore crucial areas such as lead processes, website user experience, social media content, Google Analytics insights, and feedback on my offers. Through this introspective journey, I shared some ego trips experienced entrepreneurs go through and provide invaluable lessons to help you get out of your own way to make necessary changes.

Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Lead processes: Exploring the shift from DM sales strategy back to incorporating consultation calls, the significance of a traditional CRM system, and the inclusion of service guides.
  • Website user experience and copy: Identifying faulty links, domain name changes, and revamping the website’s user experience and copy to enhance conversion rates.
  • Leveraging website Analytics: Uncovering crucial insights from visitor behavior, analyzing marketing channels’ effectiveness, and optimizing social media content to attract new leads.
  • Refining social media content: Shifting the content strategy to align with target audience needs, simplifying marketing language, and reigniting the fun in content creation.
  • Offer feedback: Evaluating client feedback and its impact on optimizing service offerings and branding.

During one pivotal moment in the episode, I humbly admit, “I did realize, like, I’m missing so much stuff, and I can only imagine what so many others are missing or not seeing clearly and attributing it to where their business is right now and where they would like it to be and how they can get there.” This candid realization underscores the crucial role of self-reflection and adaptability in navigating the major shift so many of us are seeing right now in business.

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