4 Ways to Make Your Content Generate Leads and Sales For Your Service Business

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Over the past month I’ve been sharing how I’m better prepping my business for this year and how I need it to run based on my schedule and personal life. One of the updates I need to make big time is in my content strategy now that I’m selling new services.

So my personal share for today is what I decided to do to have a successful year.

First, I haven’t had options of services in so long, but now that I do, I realized I needed a traditional CRM like Dubsado or Honeybook.

I can’t believe I’m saying this as a brand loyalist, but I decided to leave Dubysuby to move to HoneyBook.

Second, my website is completely NOT ready for leads to have options or even to talk to me on the phone. Back in the day I had the link to book a consultation and I always had at least one call a week.

We say we don’t want to rely on social media, but then we do things like only selling in the DM and not taking sales calls 🙄 (by we, I def mean me, but maybe you too?).

So now I’m adding a “services” page and updating my contact page so everything runs through a Honeybook workflow.

I have to update all my social media and marketing channels like my blog to better funnel leads to lead magnets, best content, or my services. Essentially, my content strategy has to change if I want my content to generate leads and sales for my new services.

Can we say big girl business is back?!

I shared a post last week about how much marketing tips feel like they contradict others. While this is true, it’s only because all of those strategies (at least the real ones) actually work. But they only work when you choose the strategies meant for your business AND when your business is setup to not just hook a lead in with content, but then convert them after.
Hence the topic of this newsletter’s 411 section will be what I audit BEFORE providing a content strategy to anyone.
If my client has content that is no longer converting and their sales are slow/low, I wouldn’t jump to giving them a content calendar or content prompts.
I would first look at these 4 things that are relevant to content and sales:
1️⃣ Brand
2️⃣ Setup
3️⃣ Engagement
4️⃣ Content
Ok, deets in the 411 section.
Let me break down what I’m looking at for each of the 4 sections before suggesting content strategies and why they matter.


How your business is perceived has a lot to do with how it looks and sounds. When it comes to content, when I refer to branding, I’m specifically talking about:
  • Social media profiles– profile image, color palette, font, profile name and title. I need to see if these things look cohesive and would the look and feel attract the type of person you want to work with. Does your personality shine through?
  • Bio/About/Speaker page– I’m looking at all bio copy, about and speaker pages, Youtube and podcast intros to see if what you’re saying aligns with who you are, how you want to be perceived, and it’s clear what you do and who you do it for. I also look to see if the vision, mission, and values are clear.


When it comes to your setup, if your goal is to book more opportunities, make more sales, or generate more leads, I have to make sure that your marketing channels are setup for that. So I’m looking at:
  • Links/menus– I’m looking at your profile links, your website menus, your buttons all to see if they lead people where they need to go to work with you or give you their email address
  • Pages– I’m going to your Home/About/Services/Contact/Blog/
    Podcast pages to check that your copy and promise is clear, target audience and keywords are obvious, headers are clear and to the point, the pages flow, and call-to-action buttons are obvious (and exist) because this is what leads to sales or nothing.
  • Also, your website is where many people from search (read: cold leads) will end up and they won’t stay if you treat them like they should know what you do or how to work with you because you’re so used to your social media audience already knowing those things.
  • Playlists/Highlights/Featured sections– these are designed for you to highlight your best work and content, take people on a buyer’s journey (read: act as your marketing and sales funnel), and showcase your services


When it comes to your content engagement, I want to know how much your existing content is influencing action and community. Are you building relationships? Here’s where I look:
  • Comments/Reviews– I’m looking at your post comments and podcast reviews to see what people are saying, and the types of people engaging with you to assess whether or not they fall within your target audience. I’m also looking to see how you respond
  • Call-to-Action– I’m looking for your prompts for action in your content. Are you asking for the sale or for people to give you their email address?


Lastly, I need to now assess the content itself to see what you’ve been putting out there. I’m looking at:
  • Copy– I’m looking at your sales pages, blog posts, and social media captions for your copy to see if it makes sense for your target audience and if it aligns with how you best communicate
  • Messaging– I want to see if your word selection and positioning matches how you want your brand to be perceived and how your target audience will best perceive your content
  • Posts– Lastly, I’m diving deep into the posts themselves. How do they look, what formats are they in, do they make sense, are they on brand
I just gave you the not-so-secret sauce for what a content strategist would be looking at BEFORE providing you with a content calendar, copy, messaging, or content ideas.
Content ideas shouldn’t come from a general content calendar, because for people like us who aren’t content creators or influencers we need intentional content strategies that will help us make more sales and generate more leads to nurture to future sales or business opportunities.
If this left you wishing you had someone who would take the time to look at all 4 of these areas for you and then provide you with:
  1. A detailed video explaining what I found and why it’s affecting leads and sales
  2. Social media profile optimization recommendations
  3. Keywords to use in your content and website to show up on search
  4. Content strategy to help you hit your marketing goals
  5. Content recommendations to get started
Then book my new Content Clarity Scan service here.

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