Our Obsession With Algorithms Sucked The Fun (and Conversions) Out of Content Creation

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In this episode of the Revolutionary CEO podcast, we’re diving into a topic that’s likely been on your mind – our obsession with algorithms and the impact it’s had on our content creation. If you’ve felt like the fun has been drained out of creating content and your sales conversions are suffering, you’re not alone. I’ve been there, and I want to share my insights on how to navigate this challenge.

In this episode, I explore the negative effects of our fixation on algorithms and how it’s stifled the joy and effectiveness of content creation for our businesses. I’m seeing the impact of social media algorithms on content performance for so many online business owners, and how it has shifted the way we approach creating and sharing content. From the decline in joy to the decrease in conversions, I talk about the repercussions and how to shift your approach to not only have fun again, but make money again too.

Here’s a closer look at the episode:

– The diminishing joy of content creation on social media

– The shift in approach to creating content due to social media algorithm changes

– Strategies to reinvigorate the joy and effectiveness of content creation

– The pitfalls of obsessing over metrics and numbers in content creation

One pivotal moment from the episode is when I express, “I love marketing and content creation, but I’ve noticed that our obsession with algorithms has sucked the fun out of it. Instagram used to be my favorite marketing channel, but algorithm changes made me shift my approach, and I lost the joy I once had in creating content.”

Tune in for practical insights and strategies to beat the algorithm as a service provider and reintroduce the fun back into your content creation. Let’s break free from the shackles of algorithm obsession and rediscover the joy of creating content that resonates with our audience and drives sales.


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