3 Urges Online Entrepreneurs Should Resist to Succeed

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There isn’t a shortage of distractions for online entrepreneurs these days and I’m not talking about your latest Netflix binge that’s keeping you from getting work done. What I’m addressing is more subtle. I’m talking about distractions such as the wins we see from other online entrepreneurs and the endless supply of tips and tricks available with just one click.


So in today’s episode, I’m addressing the 3 urges online entrepreneurs should resist in order to succeed. I discuss why you need to resist the urge to launch something new when you haven’t successfully sold your signature offer yet, why you should stick it through with social media, and why you should resist the urge to lower your prices… even if you’ve received a few “nos”. Tune in to this important episode so you can tune out the noise, and stay clear in your path to success.


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Focusing on selling your signature offer before hopping to the next idea
  • Avoiding mediocre launches
  • Why you shouldn’t give up on social media so easily
  • Evaluating the content that you’re posting
  • Why a few “no’s” isn’t cause to reduce your price
  • What to do if someone is hesitant on your offer


“These three urges are things I want you to resist because we need to start becoming stronger as CEOs of our businesses. If every no was going to make you reduce your price. If every bad launch is going to make you move to something new. If every month that you didn’t hit an additional 1000 followers means you stop showing up, then I want to tell you and be honest with you that you are not set out and meant to be an entrepreneur.”

– Latesha Lynch