What Happened When I Stopped Trying to Impress People on Instagram

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People tie their worth and their success to meaningless metrics on Instagram. This is an unhealthy approach to a platform that provides great business opportunities. If you’re a female entrepreneur who is selling high-ticket services, you cannot and should not approach Instagram with the mindset that’s fixated on vanity metrics such as likes and number of followers.


So this episode is for you if you’ve ever been disappointed by a low video view count, or if you’ve ever been discouraged by small numbers on Instagram. I’m sharing my story on what happened when I stopped trying to impress people on Instagram. I also share actionable tips so you can make showing up on Instagram consistently much easier than it used to be. Tune in and gain the tools you need so you can show up on videos and lives consistently and confidently without the added stress and unnecessary pressure.


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Why showing up on video is important
  • Letting go of the corporate mentality especially as a person of color
  • Thinking about the small things that make you feel good about showing up
  • Focusing on ideal client followers and not ridiculous metrics
  • Approaching your social media the way you approach a healthy lifestyle and weight loss 
  • Why business owners shouldn’t compare themselves to large influencers
  • Showing up not to impress but to tell your story
  • Creating short binge-able content and positioning yourself as an industry expert


“Stop tying your worth on Instagram to how many followers you have and stop comparing your followers to everyone else’s.”

– Latesha Lynch