Real AF Highs and Lows of Online Entrepreneurship Nobody Talks About

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I often feel like nobody in the online entrepreneurship space talks about the real AF highs and lows of the journey. Sometimes we catch glimpses of huge wins, and very rarely do we ever see the downside of online entrepreneurship.


In today’s episode, I have a candid chat about the real AF highs and lows of online entrepreneurship that nobody is talking about. I discuss highs like achieving financial freedom to the pressures of being in charge of your financial stability (or the lack thereof). I talk about the big business scares and fears, and how that places immense stress on a person. I also talk about the benefit of taking time in your hands and the lows of the need to always perform. 


This episode is an as-real-as-it-gets look into the world of online entrepreneurship, so pop in your headphones, sit back, and hopefully, you’ll find comfort in knowing that your ups and downs are completely valid.


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Financial freedom as an entrepreneur vs. a corporate salary
  • The fears and pressures of financial stability
  • Having control and freedom over my time
  • The immense pressure of always needing to perform
  • Why no one knows what you’re going through as an online entrepreneur


“The reason that group coaching programs became such a big deal is because we needed communities of people who were in the trenches with us, that person may not be doing exactly what I’m doing. We may not come from the same industry or may not be starting from the same place and the same level. But we are all in this together. ”
– Latesha Lynch



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