Why You Should Stop Offering Free or Discounted Beta Rounds for Your Offer

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but you should stop offering free or discounted beta rounds for your offer. Despite what anyone might have told you, just because an offer that you’ve created is brand new for your business as an entrepreneur does not mean that you have to offer it for free, or that you need to take 50% off of the price just so that you can sell it.

I discuss my own experience with offering a free round of my course, what the experience taught me, and what I wish I had done instead. I also share a happier scenario of running my Revolutionary CEO signature program. If you’ve felt pressured into offering free or discounted beta rounds just because your business or offer is new, this episode is for you. I’m sharing why you’re more capable than you think, why “free” gives off the wrong impression, and what happens when you undervalue your expertise. 

Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • You are not brand new at what you do
  • What happens when you undervalue your expertise
  • Why testimonials are not the only way to get high-ticket clients
  • Why your coach is copping out if they ask you to offer your expertise for free 
  • Attracting quality high-ticket clients and why “free” doesn’t do that

“If I’m selling a Lamborghini for $5, you no longer trust that Lamborghini is a good car, and you shouldn’t trust that it’s a good car, because why would I sell something that you know, cost a million dollars for the parts? A million dollars for the mechanics to set it up? Why would I only be charging you $5 to drive it.”

– Latesha Lynch