The Difference Between Content for High-Ticket and Low-Ticket Offers

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Here’s a little secret: most service providers and coaches have admitted to me that they’ve been posting content with no real strategy. They do this because they believe that having any sort of Instagram presence is better than having none at all. I get it. But they also told me that their nine to five or business services are taking up a lot of time, so time for content planning is extremely limited for them. Or they tell me that sales have either plateaued or have been inconsistent. They also tell me that they were posting content but none of it seems to resonate with their audience.


This is why in today’s episode, I’m breaking down the difference between content for high-ticket and low-ticket offers. I share why having a tailored and intentional content strategy is key to attracting, connecting, and converting someone at that higher price point. I walk you through what it means to create and post content that is valuable and that actually works. If you’re selling high-ticket offers, you’ll want to tune in and take notes as I share the important marks your content has to hit in order to attract qualified leads.


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Why hitting the emotional mark matters
  • Knowing your MVPs (most valuable person, problem, and product) and setting up a strong foundation for a launch
  • Taking your target audience through the full journey
  • What it means to have valuable content that works
  • Why most content strategies are geared towards low-ticket offers
  • What is niching and why it doesn’t mean “limiting”


“Niching doesn’t mean limiting, niche means qualify.” – Latesha Lynch