Why Selling High-Ticket Services is About Articulating Value

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“You need to deliver value.” That’s a piece of advice that you’ll hear a lot in the online entrepreneurship space. If you’re using social media, podcasting, emails, or a blog to market your high-ticket services, you know that delivering value is crucial. But why is it that you’re constantly hearing about $50,000 days when you’re having trouble having a $50,000 year?


In today’s episode, I’m diving into the major problem that is keeping you small, especially when you’re selling high-ticket. I’m sharing why delivering value isn’t about showing value, it’s about articulating it. In this episode, you’ll learn why it’s crucial for you to become a better storyteller so that the value you’re illustrating will be abundantly clear to your most aligned audience. 


If you’re tired of hearing about 5-figure days and you’re ready to create them for yourself, this episode is a must! Grab a pen and paper because the tips I share today will transform your content so you can confidently sell your high-ticket offers.


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Why you think you can’t charge high-ticket price points
  • Where storytelling fits into your marketing strategy
  • When storytelling is truly and deeply successful
  • Telling a valuable story that attracts qualified leads


“If you can decide on a story that you want to tell for your launch, then you can naturally tell that story throughout the entire launch so that you’re most aligned. The most qualified leads will be compelled to take action because the value then becomes obvious to them.”

– Latesha Lynch