Why I’m Not Aiming for Balance as a CEO Who is a Mom

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I frequently get asked questions like “how are you balancing your life as a mom and a CEO? How do you get everything done?” My answer? I’m not really aiming for balance as a CEO and a mom. It might not be the answer you’re looking for, but it’s a realistic look into motherhood and entrepreneurship. 


Today’s episode is for the busy moms who are navigating two full-time jobs as mothers and CEOs. I discuss my story, why I’m aiming for just functioning in life and not balance, and why having systems and finding your rhythm is key, even if you do not have balance and harmony. I also answer many burning questions I’ve received from my audience on Instagram. Tune in, release any guilt that you might be harboring, and let’s tackle the hard-hitting truths of being a mompreneur.


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Juggling motherhood and my corporate job
  • Why having a lack of support at home led me to drop the ball on my business in 2017
  • Finding support and outsourcing
  • Scheduling and accommodating your calendar for being a mom and CEO
  • Not feeling guilty for asking for the help you need
  • Finding your rhythm even if you don’t have balance and harmony


“Don’t let other people’s doubt in your business influence your hope. So whatever support you need with your child to make you not feel like a shitty mom is what you have to do.”

– Latesha Lynch