Positioning Your Brand for Profitability

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As a new service provider and entrepreneur, it can be tempting to price your services lower just so you can make it easier for clients to work with you. I made the same mistake early on in my business by charging $150 for logos and $400 for entire websites. However, I didn’t realize that I was basically positioning myself as someone that you can get a great deal and save money with.


If you want to be known for your quality and impact, and not for your affordability, this episode is for you. I’m discussing why it’s so important to position your brand for profitability based on my own firsthand experience. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this episode as I share the three ways that you can position your business and your brand so that you can stand out with your offer.


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Deciding between a low-ticket vs high-ticket business model
  • Positioning your brand in a way that speaks to your ideal client
  • How to position your brand so that it’s favorable, different, and credible
  • Convenience-based, quality-based, and differentiation positioning
  • The Positioned for Profitability Masterclass


“I didn’t want to just be affordable. I wanted to be someone that was known for quality and making an impact.”

– Latesha Lynch