Why Educational Content Makes You Look like Google or Pinterest and Not an Expert

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Unpopular opinion: your educational content doesn’t set you up as an in-demand expert. We all love a good carousel post that explains the ABCs of how to do something. These types of posts generally gain more engagement. But you’re forgetting that if you sell high-ticket or premium offers, these types of posts aren’t doing much to solve your audience’s pain points.


In today’s episode, I’m filling in the gaps in your content strategy when it comes to selling and marketing your high-ticket offers. I share why educational content should only sit at the very beginning of your funnel. I also deep dive into your content strategy as it relates to your buyer’s journey. Tune in as I discuss why people pay low-ticket to solve the pain points your educational content gives away for free, and how your content can show your ideal audience that your high-ticket offers fixes the major problems behind these smaller pain points. 


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • The pros and cons of educational content
  • Why too much educational content isn’t helping you sell your premium offers
  • How your content can help your ideal audience address the bigger problem behind the pain points
  • How to become the go-to expert by putting out invaluable content


“When you become invaluable with the kind of content that you’re putting out as an expert in your industry, you then become like the go-to person for everyone.”

– Latesha Lynch