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Creating a new offer can be a daunting task. But, as someone who has been through the process many times, I can tell you that the key to success is all in the planning and strategy behind it. I want to share with you the story of how I developed my VIP Day, Booked Out CEO, and the thought processes that went into creating it.

Through this case study, I’ll take you on a journey through the challenges I faced and the solutions I found. I hope to provide you with insights and inspiration for your own offer creation journey. And, at the end of the case study, I would like to personally invite you to join me for my 3-day bootcamp, Signature Offer Blueprint, where together, we’ll craft your signature offer idea, brand it, and plan your launch schedule with confidence.

Where the entire idea for the VIP Day came from

As a business owner, I started my journey in the design field because I wanted to leverage my design degree and freelancing was an easy way to make extra income. So I started my business in 2019 exclusively as a designer, but by 2020 I transitioned my business into a marketing coaching business. My background in corporate marketing since 2006 helped me make this transition and I started offering coaching services as my primary focus.

One of my first signature offers was a group coaching program that I launched in December 2020 (Revolutionary Brand). This offer was amazing because I got to work with some incredible entrepreneurs, follow my curriculum and teach live. However, I soon realized that a high-ticket offer like this had some limitations. Although I wasn’t maxing out on the number of people I could realistically hold in my program, I was maxing out on my energy capacity as we met every single week for 3 months straight (and eventually 4 months straight) for the program.

Animated GIF saying I need a nap

I noticed a gap in my offering because there were some women who were interested in the coaching program, but didn’t really need it because they already had their offer, pricing, and framework in place (the entire first month of my program). However, they struggled with coming up with effective launch content every time they wanted to launch their signature offer. They also didn’t have a repeatable strategy that they could use every time they wanted to launch. This led me to think about creating an offer that would solve these problems.

I wanted to work with fewer people for a shorter amount of time, still, generate the same amount of income as my coaching program, and make the launch content strategy and creation process easier for my clients. This led to the creation of my VIP day offer. The target audience for this offer was:

  1. busy entrepreneurs who either had more than one business and didn’t have enough time to create a launch strategy and content
  2. had one business but struggled with creating launch content.

My goal was to make the launch process less stressful for them, so all they had to do was focus on delivering the content during their launch.

Throughout my journey, I faced several pain points and challenges. Some of my previous offers were too long and draining, like my group program, mastermind, and design packages. I also felt frustrated with my group coaching program because I didn’t have control over whether or not my clients completed the necessary content for their launch. I also knew that I was reaching a plateau in my income and needed to create a premium offer.

💡 This is an early decision with creating a signature offer and deciding where it will fit within your existing offer suite. On the one hand, you can create a lower-priced offer that you can sell evergreen, but you would need a high volume of customers/clients. On the other hand, you can create a premium-priced offer where you would work with a select few clients and you don’t need a lot of clients to generate a significant amount of income (this is something we’ll cover on day 1 of the bootcamp).

But once you decide on the type of offer you want to create, your next decision will be what will your offer include and what is the expected transformation.

How I Decided What to Include in my Signature Offer

I wanted to create a smooth and effective launch strategy for clients who were looking to improve their launch. The target audience for this process was entrepreneurs who had launched an offer before but were looking for more strategy and guidance for their next launch. Whenever I’m coming up with a new offer, I do something similar to the below in a Google doc where I map out my full offer, pricing, and what it will include. Plus, because it was a service, I had to mind map what I would need to do my job.

A Google doc with my VIP days mapped out

The Client Experience

The process involved two days of work with the client where we reviewed the target audience workbook and came up with the launch strategy, including launch goals and schedule. On the second day, we worked on the launch content, including long-form video scripts and social media posts. The client walked away with their launch strategy, video scripts, and all the necessary content for their launch, including email sequences and social media posts, as well as training and templates for future launches.

There are some special considerations to keep in mind during this process. Firstly, hiring contractors can be expensive and time-consuming. It is also important to keep the profit margins in mind, as unexpected bills from contractors can impact the bottom line. I had 2 negative experiences hiring contractors for what ended up being a VIP Experience (2 days).

  1. The first contractor kept missing deadlines, overpromising, and started making a lot of mistakes with the client’s copy toward the end. This negatively affected the client experience for an $8,000 offer! It’s hard to trust other people to support your clients and no matter how much you and your team follow up to have the ball being dropped falls on you as the business owner. I hadn’t experienced that until 2022, but it was extremely stressful.
  2. The second contractor had a team so deadlines were NEVER missed and they were dope. However, I kept getting billed over my allotted copywriting hours and these were unexpected $1,000+ bills every time. To have an unexpected bill like that monthly was tough for me at the time as I was burning through a lot of money with other contractors as well.

It is important to keep in mind the client’s experience, as being on a call for too long can cause fatigue. My original VIP Day format was one 8-hour day of half strategy, lunch, half content. This was overwhelming for them (I loved it!). I settled on a VIP Experience that happened over 2 weeks with 5-hour days (lunch break in between) with one focus (either strategy or content).

Additionally, it is important not to add too many extra add-ons and bonuses, as it can make the offer seem overwhelming. All those damn templates had to go (clients weren’t really using them anyway and I hated making them). The extra guides and things were just ways to make people excited about an offer that was already worth more than $8K.

How I Branded Everything and Marketed the new Signature Offer

You can imagine that as a Visual Communications- Graphic Design major, branding and design come easy for me. Thank goodness, because when you have a new signature offer, there are so many visual brand elements (brand assets) you’ll need along the way. Now before you go off and hire a graphic designer, remember, spend as little as you can until the offer is profitable. I live for Canva, and designed everything I needed in there. But before I designed everything, I had to name the offer. This is something we will cover in-depth on day 2 of the Signature Offer Blueprint 3-day bootcamp, but just know that my philosophy on naming offers will always be a name that sounds either:

  1. aspirational for the ideal client (who they want to become after working with me) OR
  2. to hype up the outcome of the offer (transformation).

In the case of my VIP Experience, I called it Booked Out CEO (aspirational).

Before I wasted time on graphics I validated the offer and talked about it for months before I officially publicly launched it. I created a highlight reel called “Case Study 1 & Case Study 2” on Instagram. You should watch them both to see what I had to do from start to finish and how I progressively got more confident in the offer, marketed it more, and go bolder with sales. If you watch it all the way through, you’ll see I mentioned the offer idea back in February 2021 and attempted to publicly launch it in April/May, but stopped due to being overwhelmed with the preparation while in the process of buying a new home and moving.

By the way, simple pre-launching and offer validation helped me book my first client on February 20, 2021, for the $2,500 package I had at the time (with a $700 add-on), my 2nd client for $6,500 in March, and another $3,200 client in April. Talk about my offer being validated!

I didn’t start officially publicly selling it until September 2021 (this is when I came with the graphics!). By November I was booked out and stayed that way until May 2022 when I stopped promoting it and took a break. Here are some of the things I created in Canva to make it look good ⤵️

Brand Asset Examples

Delivery Deck Welcome Guide preview Lead Magnet (Checklist) Instagram stories graphics

The Results and Key Takeaways After Successfully Launching and Selling this Offer for 1 Year

As the creator of a signature offer, I learned the importance of considering all the factors that go into creating a successful and profitable offer. My goal was to see how well an offer would align with my existing business and help me achieve my goals. Through my experiment, I found that it’s crucial to have confidence in your decisions when creating an offer, understand your dream client, clearly distinguish your offers, have a clear strategy and brand positioning, and manage your team effectively. The significance of my findings is that money isn’t everything in business and it’s important to have passion for what you’re doing. I’m not saying it’s not a nice thing to have, I mean, check out the line item for Booked Out CEO 👀⤵️

Screenshot of income from Quickbooks

I generated over $103,000 in revenue for my signature offer in just one year (and 3 months), which was a huge success. However, I also realized the importance of setting clear boundaries and holding clients accountable. Overall, this case study taught me valuable lessons about the creation and execution of a successful and profitable offer.

And this is what I want for you. It isn’t enough that you have to figure out how to run the offer, grow the offer, market the offer, and sell the offer, but you also have to manage the offer. I wanted to take one part of the process–offer creation and planning–and make it easier for you to get it all done with guidance and support over 3 days. This is what the Signature Offer Blueprint bootcamp is all about because there is so much more to do even beyond creating the offer itself.

Here are my Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this case study has been an eye-opening experience for me in terms of the amount of thought and consideration that goes into creating a successful signature offer. The key findings from this experiment showed that creating an offer requires a clear strategy, clear value proposition, and a clear brand positioning. It also highlights the importance of understanding your dream client, having strict boundaries, and paying attention to the details of the offer, including the price point and the offerings themselves. The significance of these findings is that they helped me to generate over $103,000 in revenue in a short period of time and to understand the importance of enjoying what I do and having a passion for my business. This experience has taught me the importance of being confident in my ideas and having a clear marketing plan in place, as well as the value of having a strong brand behind the offer. Additionally, it has also shown me the importance of having a team in place, but also being mindful of the processes and checks and balances that need to be in place to safeguard revenue and profits. Overall, this case study has been a valuable learning experience that has helped me to grow and refine my business and to understand the importance of taking the time to create a successful signature offer.

Check This Out If You Need Help Coming Up With Your Next Signature Offer

If you’re feeling lost and unsure about your next signature offer or how to best launch it, I’m here to help. With my Signature Offer Blueprint 3-day bootcamp, you’ll transform your offer creation and launch planning experience and attract aligned clients for your signature offers with a step-by-step blueprint that simplifies the launch process and stands out as a high-value expert.

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I’ll equip you with the tools and knowledge to create a unique and compelling offer that commands the attention of aligned leads. You’ll generate a signature offer idea, name, and outline that aligns with your existing offer suite and positions you as an impactful expert to work with.

By following the clear roadmap and launch timeline you unlock in the bootcamp, you’ll be able to confidently execute your plan and achieve your launch goals. By intentionally selecting marketing channels and having your brand assets planned and ready to go, you’ll step into your launch with the calm energy needed to connect with and convert aligned clients.

Here’s what you can expect in the bootcamp:

Day 1: Offer Architecture (February 20)– You’ll learn how to design and construct your signature offer idea and align it perfectly with your existing offer suite to increase conversions and revenue.

Day 2: Brand Sculpting (February 22)– You’ll craft a unique brand name, add elevated experience elements, and position your brand in a way that leaves a lasting impression on your audience.

Day 3: Promo Playbook (February 24)– You’ll outline your custom launch plan, including a launch timeline, ideal marketing channels, and strategies for hitting your launch goals and maximizing profits.

And the best part? You won’t leave empty-handed. Not only will you handle some serious signature offer business in the 3 days we spend together, but you’ll walk away with a customizable digital launch planner in Notion complete with a launch calendar, action-item checklist, marketing channel audit, launch toolkit with all the best tools to manage your offer and launch it, Launch Goal Calculator, and a launch asset guide.

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