Signature Offer Case Study: A coaching program that makes long term impact

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When creating a signature offer, one that you will be known for in your career as an entrepreneur, I always believe that the offer needs to align with your vision and mission for your business. It also should be something that will make a tremendous impact. It’s always important to build this offer from a place of expertise and confidence in the results you can achieve so as I dive into this case study of my most successful and beloved signature offer, I’ll point out how I created Revolutionary Brand®.

Early on as a marketing coach, I noticed a pattern among my best 1:1 clients who came to me to help launch a new offer. Every one of them lacked a major component of having a signature offer that I believe is necessary for the growth of the offer, the confidence of the service provider/coach who created that offer, and how well that offer impacts the clients who invest in them. This was the start of the idea behind Revolutionary Brand.

Why Revolutionary Brand®

My own success in selling my signature offers was largely due to my consistent video content during launches, which helped position me as an expert and led to speaking engagements that gave me more exposure to larger audiences. These observations inspired me to create the Revolutionary Brand group coaching program to help other women entrepreneurs achieve the same level of visibility and attract the right clients.

Originally called Empowered Profitable CEOs, I was inspired to create the Revolutionary Brand group coaching program from my experience coaching individual clients over 6 months.

Every one of them was missing what I felt to be a key component of launching a signature offer: 

  1. The concept
  2. The content
  3. The process

I had proof through each individual 1:1 client that I could help them navigate these stages, so this became the framework for my program. Naming it was easy, as I have a standard naming process I follow where the offer name would be based on:

  1. Something aspirational for the client
  2. The results they want to achieve
  3. Who they want to transform into

Hence, Empowered, Profitable CEOs, as I took the aspirational route. I teach how to name offers on day 2 of the Signature Offer Blueprint.

While I loved the original name, after my first round I received a letter from a lawyer saying I had infringed on a trademark despite nobody having submitted this trademark for the name and I owned the domain name I hired a trademark attorney (someone from my previous cohort of Revolutionary Brand®) and trademarked it. Revolutionary Brand® is now a registered trademark.

I also was hell-bent on making a big impact, because that was the vision I had for myself as a coach. It’s also how I felt about my first coach who had truly transformed me as an entrepreneur and helped me figure out myself as a business owner.

Creating a signature offer is so much more than creating something to make money. It’s being paid for making impact and being a true expert that mattered to me. I had found my thing I was great at, I validated it with results from previous clients (new offers are usually validated by the results you get for yourself) and I now knew the framework I wanted to teach to help everyone get the results I was promising.

Revolutionary Brand® was designed to address the gap in the market with a comprehensive program that covers all aspects of creating and launching a successful offer. The program starts with the basics of creating an offer, including identifying your target audience, solving their most valuable problems, pricing for profitability, and setting up the framework for teaching or executing the service. The program also covers the launch process from content creation to sales, and how to run the business operations of the offer.

One important detail was the format I wanted to have for the program.

How I chose the format of my program

When creating the format for Revolutionary Brand, I drew from my previous experience running a successful mastermind program, which was a group program. I had also served so many 1:1 clients and I felt like so many of the questions I was receiving were the same. Business owner at this stage of creating signature offers and building a brand tend to struggle with all the same issues. Knowing this and my capacity constraints (I had way too many calls every single week and hated it), I decided this program would be a group program. 

My magic number of clients to serve at the same time at that stage was 6, so I capped the program at 6 people. Now to decide whether or not to prerecord the curriculum or live teach.

I decided to teach everything live on a weekly basis, rather than pre-recording the entire curriculum. This allowed me to validate the offer before committing to a recorded curriculum. Each week, I would teach a new concept and provide resources to help the participants implement what they learned right away. Doing your first group coaching program this way allows you to validate the curriculum teaching to different personalities and learning styles. It allows you to collect real time feedback on how people feel about the curriculum and resources and gives you an opportunity to do some quality control and updates to your framework. 

This is what led to Revolutionary Brand going from 3-months to 4-months because so many of the ladies were becoming great at marketing, but skipped out or completely avoided sales. Knowing how much sales stressed me out, in the beginning, led to me sharing how I sold with integrity and build relationships organically to sell the service.

By the end of the program, I knew they would have clarity on their audience, offer, and a repeatable strategy for launching and running their offer successfully. This validated my offer promise and made it easier to sell, but managing and selling a signature offer isn’t without it’s challenges. 

The challenges faced when creating a new signature offer

One of the biggest challenges I faced in creating and launching Revolutionary Brand was building a brand around a new offer. The program was originally called Empowered Profitable CEOs, and people were unfamiliar with the Revolutionary Brand name. I was nervous about the launch, but as I started creating content, I became more confident in my expertise and received positive responses to my video content. Through my experiences and participation in a coaching program, I realized that I needed to focus more on group coaching programs. This helped me make the necessary adjustments to the Revolutionary Brand program to make it a success.

Later on in the program I got very relaxed with my prequalification processes which originally were very strict. I cared about things like:

  • Whether or not they had time to commit to the program
  • How well they were already doing in business
  • Whether or not they were comfortable with video content
  • What their expectations were after the progoram

And they couldn’t get in the program without a compatibility phone call. I stopped needing the call because people were qualifying themselves in my DMs and just jumping in. This was a mistake, but I didn’t really notice until the 2nd cohort with people who weren’t staying focused or sticking with the process. Your qualification processes with your signature offers will be the things that allow you to uphold your boundaries and continue to enjoy your signature offer.

I shared how much I started hating my VIP Day signature offer because I didn’t keep up with my boundaries with contractors or clients. Remember, this is your offer that you will leave as a part of your legacy and you want to lead with integrity and impact and that means selling it to the right people.

Recognizing the impact of a signature offer

The results since launching Revolutionary Brand have been tremendous. Over 90% of the ladies who have gone through the program have booked big speaking engagements, sold their services, and had their first five-figure months. The program has taught them how to create brand visibility, grow their communities, and build their businesses to six-figure levels.

The program has helped the women to become more confident in themselves and their expertise which was a huge passion of mine and the reason I only sell to female entrepreneurs. Many of them have gone from undervaluing their services to charging top dollar for their skills and selling it confidently. 

Revolutionary Brand has changed everything for me and my business. It’s the first program I ever created that I truly felt passionate about. Not only did the program make me confident in myself as a business and marketing coach, but it has also allowed me to step outside of my comfort zone and become a business mentor to my clients. I lead with service and impact, and seeing what has happened to these women after the program has been extremely fulfilling.

Success Stories

Revolutionary Brand has produced amazing success stories among its participants. For example, Danielle, a Trademark Attorney, tripled her income, increased her conversion rate from 10% to 50%, and got 16 new clients by the end of 2021. Another participant, Taylor, was struggling to reach her financial goals before joining Revolutionary Brand. During the program she had experienced her highest income month ever, and recently she hit her goal of having a $20K month and is now thriving with a new business model.

At the end of the day, creating a signature offer for your business is just as much about you as it is about your clients. Create the offer with them in mind, but make sure it aligns with your business mission and goals. For me, Revolutionary Brand was that for me. It’s generated over $205K in revenue since it was created in December 2020 and will continue to be a signature offer I focus on. It’s still evolving and 2023 is a new year and a new version of the program will be launched.

How you can create your next big signature offer

If you’re interested in creating your own signature offer, I’d love to help you through my 3-day bootcamp, Signature Offer Blueprint. In this bootcamp, I will teach you how to create an impactful offer that helps your clients and aligns with your business goals. We’ll spend 3 days together coming up with the best offer, branding it, and planning the launch. We kick off day 1 on September 20 and the registrants have already been in the private community sharing the offers they plan to launch so click here to register for it today.