Before You Offer Another Intensive or Strategy Session, Consider This

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I already know you were triggered by something and it’s why you offered the strategy session or (60, 90, 2-hour) intensive:

  • A few pricing rejections on sales calls or via DM
  • The people applying to your program are all in until they hear the price
  • You’re not getting any leads so you assume it must be the price
  • You want to offer something at a lower price to get some clients and make money
  • Someone ghosted you after the proposal was sent
  • You’ve never sold anything at a higher price point so you’re afraid nobody will buy

It’s normal to have a reaction if any of the above has happened to you.

Our mind works hard to protect us from any sign of danger.

But what if we saw pricing objections as a blessing? I know you’re like????????that Latesha! but stay with me.

Pricing objections all point to 2 things:

1. You’re attracting the wrong people

You don’t want to settle working with the wrong people. The wrong clients don’t get the results you promised OR won’t do the work OR will require you to do more work than you agreed to. So you don’t want that.

2. You’re not helping the right people see the value

Now you can adjust your messaging to attract your dream clients.

Why would you want to keep wasting your time writing all these emails, creating all these Instagram posts, and posting all this content if it isn’t resonating with your target audience enough for them to want to work with you?

You needed this wake up call if that’s what’s going on ????

???? Listen to this video until the end for my crazy advice.

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