5 Ways to Use Instagram Live To Launch Your Next High-Ticket Offer

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Mastering the art of Instagram live is not easy – but it sure is worth it.

People tell me all the time:

“I just get so nervous!”

“I can’t deal with not being able to edit the video!”

Or even,

“I just end up rambling for 15 minutes and getting nowhere!”

But what if I told you that your fear of doing Instagram lives is seriously holding you back from maximizing your online video impact?

Instagram Live is an incredible video content format to help you market your high-ticket offers and attract customers ready to pay a premium price.

It’s just so versatile and powerful.

Whether you’re trying to gain more visibility, build meaningful connections, or answer some final questions before closing a sale – an Instagram live is in order!

And one of the greatest things about Instagram live is that you can leverage this feature at each and every phase of your marketing strategy. 

So before we go any further…I’m gonna ask you to go back and read about all 5 steps in your high-ticket marketing strategy so you can keep up with where we’re going.

We move fast around here!

Got  a lowdown on the 5 phases?

Good on ya! Now, let’s talk about how online entrepreneurs can use Instagram Live to successfully satisfy every marketing strategy component.

That way – you’ll be booking clients consistently for your high-ticket and premium price offers. Let’s goooo.


Using Instagram Live For Visibility

Visibility is the first pillar of your high-ticket marketing strategy.

When most people hear the word visibility, they think about growing their following online.

Visibility is often associated with bringing NEW people into our communities.

But think about it – when was the last time you watched an Instagram Live of someone you didn’t follow?

I’m willing to go out on a limb and say, never.

But while a lot of people don’t realize it, visibility isn’t *just* about attracting new people to our page. It’s also about reactivating your existing followers who haven’t been quite as engaged as you’d like!

IG Live is a fantastic way to reconnect with the folks who may have been following you for ages, but maybe your content has stopped popping up in their feed.

Whether your last offer wasn’t really a fit for them, or they said it wasn’t the right time to make the investment, you want to remind them that you’re still here…and still committed to helping them.

The BEST way to do that is through going live.

When you go live, you have a unique opportunity to show up as one of the first few highlighted stories for your followers.

It’s practically a fast pass to being noticed by clients who have been ghosting lately.

If you’ve been scared of going live, you’re missing out on a HUGE opportunity to get noticed and seen by your community.

Remember, these are people who have already said “Yes, I am interested in what you do and who you are!”

So engaging with them is an important step in their buyer’s journey. Don’t neglect your existing IG fam.

Hit that live button and get visible!


Instagram Live + Prequalifying

You can think of your content as the gatekeeper between you and people who aren’t a good fit for your offers.

Every piece of content you push out needs to be pre-qualifying your leads. This makes sure that when you get someone on the phone, they already know that they’re suited for your offer, and the call is just a chance to talk details.

Don’t leave the prequalifying to your application or even worse – to your discovery calls.

There’s nothing more discouraging than having call after call with people who were never gonna buy your offer in the first place. It’s a massive waste of time and energy!

Trust me…I’ve been there.

So how can going live on Instagram help with this?

It all starts with having a intriguing title for your Instagram live that addresses your most aligned lead’s paint point.

That way, the second they see: “Latesha is going live: How to have more successful discovery calls”

Your followers are jumping to join your live and get their questions answered. They’ve already pre-qualified themselves by clicking on the live video and showing interest in the topic at hand.

If you want to get more traffic on your IG lives, make sure your topics are JUICY.

  • The most nagging pain points
  • The most common misconceptions
  • The top mindset blocks

ALL the things that speak directly for your most aligned, qualified target audience.

Now is the time to face your fears of going live. When you do, you’ll attract higher-quality leads than ever before. And your conversion rate will be that much more successful!


Instagram Live + Connection

We’re ready for stage three of our high-ticket marketing strategy which is all about CONNECTION.

And y’all…this is where the power of Instagram Live really starts to shine!

When you’re selling high-ticket services, clients won’t be ready to fork out the cash unless they already have a deep connection with you.

They need to wholeheartedly trust that you wouldn’t be asking for this kind of financial commitment if it wasn’t totally worth it.

And IG Live is the perfect place for building that type of meaningful, authentic connection.

It’s the best way to deliver valuable content while interacting in real-time with your community.

And this kind of interaction is 100x more powerful than simply responding to a comment or sending a quick response to a DM.

This is long-form content that can help you network and dig into some transformative conversations with your followers.

This is why I suggest saving your heaviest and most complex content for Instagram live.

That way, your followers will be engaged and excited to ask questions and have you teach them your methods!

If the idea of being asked a question in the middle of your Instagram live terrifies you, that’s all the more reason to practice. You need to be able to go off-script and respond to your audience on Instagram Live in real-time.

Get comfortable changing the plan.

Get comfortable making your audience’s questions a priority.

Get comfortable letting go of your notes and speaking from a passionate place.

It’s time to reframe Instagram Lives from being a chore to appease the IG algorithm to a powerful tool to connect with your community.


Instagram Live + The Path To Purchase

The path to purchase is the most commonly neglected step in any online entrepreneur’s marketing strategy.

And to that, I say…no more!

How are you going to consistently book clients if you haven’t mapped out how someone will go from stumbling upon you all the way up to the point of purchase?

This is also known as the buyer’s journey. It’s the part of your marketing strategy where you walk your pre-qualified leads through each stage of awareness.

  • The problem unaware stage
  • The problem awareness stage
  • The solution awareness stage
  • And the “You” awareness stage.

And it’s only once they’ve gone through each of those stages that they’ll be ready to take their card out and buy from you!

With Instagram Live, you can tailor each live video to a different phase in the buyer’s journey.

Through going live you can help someone transition from one stage to the next, inching them closer and closer towards making the purchase.

Start thinking about Instagram live as a way to connect the dots of your launch, and watch how you surpass your revenue goal!


Instagram Live + Sales and Promotion.

And finally, it’s time to talk about sales and promotion.

Now some of y’all hate sales and promotion even more than showing up on live…and that’s saying something!

But the way I see it – what’s the shame in being direct about sales?

We are business owners after all!

When you’ve gone through each one of these stages, your content should be inviting your leads to make a yes or no decision.

Because when your aligned qualified leads see that they have a serious problem, and they believe in the solution, and believe in you – then they will always say yes when you ask for the sale!

Timing is key when using IG lives for the sales and promotion phase.

I don’t do sales-focused IG lives at the start of a launch. At that point, I focus on using them for visibility and prequalification.

But toward the end of the launch, I’ll use Instagram Live to answer any lingering questions my warmest leads have.

I sit down and ask them, what’s holding you back from making this commitment? How can I help you feel certain that you are ready to invest?

This kind of back-and-forth between me and my leads is only possible, because of the connection and trust I’ve built through continuously going live all throughout my entire launch.

There is so much power in showing up for your audience on Instagram Live.

You can create authentic and candid connections with your community while helping walk them through the process of working with you in real-time.

I want you to walk away from this post today thinking about what phase of your high-ticket marketing strategy could use a little bit of IG Live time.

Looking to re-engage your existing followers?

Wanting to start prequalifying your next batch of aligned leads?

Looking to nurture and build trust with your audience?

Ready to move your qualified leads along the path to purchase?

Hoping to answer the lingering questions your warmest leads are wondering about?

No matter your exact need, it’s time to face your fears and go live.

And I get it – showing up on video is not always everyone’s jam.

Believe it or not, it used to make me hella nervous.

But once I got the hang of it and I started to see how video content completely transformed my ability to sell premium price offers, I was hooked.

Which is exactly why I created the Booked & Banked™ bundle.

This bundle of 4 courses teaches service providers and coaches how to leverage all video mediums available on Instagram to intentionally grow their visibility and connect with qualified leads for their high-ticket and premium-priced offers.

And you don’t worry about having a big following or a long list of past client results, either!

I teach simple, effective Instagram video marketing strategies that attract qualified leads for high-ticket or premium offers whether you have a big Instagram community or not.

So if you’re ready to learn how to master Instagram Reels, IG Lives, Stories, and IGTV this Instagram video course is made with you in mind.

Each Instagram video feature plays an integral role in your high-ticket marketing strategy – and this is a great way to invest some time and energy into all of them!

If you have any questions about these 4 courses or the bundle – check me out on Instagram and let’s get your questions answered.

See ya on the ‘gram!