5 Things Your Brand Needs for You to Charge High-Ticket Prices

Many entrepreneurs say “you don’t need a website to make thousands of dollars.” Although that is true, the one thing you cannot sell without is solid branding. Despite what you might think, there is a distinction between brand identity elements such as a logo or a website, and the action that you’re taking to shape the perception of your brand.


In the first episode of The Revolutionary CEO podcast, I’m breaking down what it takes to establish a solid brand that allows you to charge premium prices with ease. I’ll discuss the best branding practices to help shape the perception of your brand, and the 5 things your brand needs to have in order for you to successfully charge premium, high-ticket prices.

Here’s a closer look at the episode:


  • The difference between brand identity elements and solid branding

  • Finding your unique value proposition

  • The importance of good design

  • Skip the website and invest in a professional landing page

  • Establishing quality in your delivery

  • Determining your premium pricing


“When it comes to your branding, your price really does affect how people look at the quality of your brand. So when you think you’re doing a great job to attract more people by charging a lower price point, what you’re actually doing is cheapening how people see your brand.”