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I hate it when this happens… You plan out your launches for the year, they’re going well, and then bam, FAILED LAUNCH!

It’s just as surprising as working all week and then getting laid off suddenly on Friday at 5 PM.

It happens to me once a year now, but when it happens I’m hurt every single time like my other 52 launches aren’t fantastic.

Oh and did I mention I’m currently failing my Revolutionary Brand launch.

Yes, the program with the same strategy I’ve used to create a half a million dollar business in less than 3 years. Yes, the program with the curriculum that’s taught dozens of women how to market like boss ass CMO’s of their business and make mid 4 and 5-figures a month ?.

I’ll share why this launch didn’t go well and how I’m turning it around later in this email.

If you’re newer to launching or have been trying to launch well for some time now then you’re likely no stranger to a bad launch (or worse, a failed launch).

Before you throw your program in the trash, reduce your pricing, create another lead magnet, open a free beta round, or accept that one person who is definitely going to turn out to be the worst client of your life, let’s take a breath…

Now that you’ve relaxed a bit, I wanted you to calm down because you can change it all around. Earlier I shared a post about the 3 possible marketing strategy troublemakers.

They are:

  1. The timing
  2. The audience
  3. The message

As a live launch expert, I can attest that I’ve not only made all 3 of these mistakes, but I’ve also been able to fix them all. If you’re wondering how to figure out which issue you’re having with your marketing strategy, be sure to check out that post because I share the signs of each troublemaker.

As promised in the caption, I’m going to share 3 of my very own case studies of how I handled these troublemakers and what were the before and after results.

Just so you know, this newsletter is now super official and will follow the same flow every time ⬇️

The top half is an overview of the main learning point, next is the lesson (notes will be taken, I guarantee!), followed by my best content from the past week from my blog, Youtube, and Insta, my reading list for the month, how you can work with me directly, and DIY marketing learning and implementation resources (free and paid).

So as promised here’s how I’ve overcome the failed launches from each of the 3 troublemakers.


1️⃣ The timing

The situation: I launched Revolutionary Brand last year for a June start and it turns out that I struggled to enroll people then as well. I had one client for the longest and at the very end a 2nd came and paid-in-full.

The goal: 6 clients

The adjustment: I assumed my inconsistency was an issue so I turned around and launched again for a July cohort and ended up with an additional 3 women in the program.

The real issue: The timing. Summer, especially June, is not a good time for me to launch a long term program that requires a lot of time for the work and implementation and attention span (without summer helpers a.k.a. children on break at home). I didn’t learn or understand this lesson until this year when I had the same issue.

The lesson: I’m never launching Revolutionary Brand or any hardcore program like it in June. Perhaps you just need to launch at a different time, because your audience needs you, but not right this moment.

Bonus lesson: How I’m adjusting for the next 2 weeks is to change my message. Revolutionary Brand is truly a monumental program that has changed lives and businesses. What I’m teaching is something that people may not want to learn now, but they will not know how to change the tide of a failed launch without what I teach in there.

That will be the message for the next couple of weeks, how the program will help your business based on various situations you’re in now and how it can work out for you.

2️⃣ The audience

The situation: I semi launched my VIP Day service in Q2 last year, but I wasn’t really attracting people, and when I did, they weren’t a good fit. It made me feel like the VIP Day was a bad offer so I never had the confidence to fully launch.

The goal: 1 client a month

The adjustment: The audience. That premium service was not a good fit for a client who wasn’t making any sales or someone who hadn’t already understood how to market. I changed my messaging to align with people who fit someone who was ready to outsource, but also knew what they were doing once the leads rolled in.

The lesson: Sometimes your usual audience is not at a level where they need or can afford your sophisticated offer. Learn who is a better fit and create content for that more aligned, qualified person. By the way, my VIP Experience (it rebranded) is booked out monthly.

3️⃣ The message

The situation: I was launching my Booked & Banked Accelerator and I thought it would be a no brainer program because it was more affordable than Revolutionary Brand, taught the foundation of high-ticket business marketing, and they would walk away with 60-days of content created. After launching for about 2 weeks I only had 2 women in and I had 1 week left.

The goal: 20 people

The adjustment: My coach pointed out that there are so many entrepreneurs who have already invested in content swipe files and content prompts and she felt I should distinguish what made my Accelerator different.

Easy, those swipe files and content prompts are for content creators, but high-ticket service providers and coaches need to learn how to do content marketing. I started explaining the difference and boy did that message land!

The lesson: Sometimes your message isn’t going to land. Stop just sharing facts and industry jargon and really explain how your service or program will be different from everything else they’ve already tried. People need to know why you and why this offer. Distinguish your X factor and they’ll be ready.

I ended up with 9 ladies and realized that 20 would have been too many because I like to give a lot of extra attention and content reviews (and coaching) and I am able to easily balance attention amongst the 9 amazing ladies.

Drop a comment and tell me which of these 3 are likely your issue from your last failed launch.

Below you’ll find some of my best content I’ve put out lately between blogs, Youtube, and Instagram.



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