Why You Shouldn’t EXPECT Your Marketing Content to Bring You Sales

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Most entrepreneurs focus their marketing content on what exactly to say to get the sale.

How this looks is:

➨ Sharing a lot of technical and industry jargon in your posts
➨ Focusing on how your offer works and the deliverables
➨ Posting promo graphics
➨ Every call to action is “click the link in my bio
➨ Primarily posting something just to sell at the end

Your primary intention behind your marketing is to get the sale so when you don’t get the sale after posting all this marketing content, you:

😩 feel it is a waste of time

😒 blame the social network as a useless tool or a place that your ideal client doesn’t exist

😤 Get made at your coach for giving you a strategy that doesn’t work


You don’t realize that marketing’s primary role in your company is LEAD GENERATION.

Marketing was never meant to be your sales strategy, that is the job of SALES.

You need your marketing content to start conversations. Those conversations should lead to sales.

In order for your marketing content to start conversations, you need to be building a connection.

You can’t be on Instagram like it’s the app’s job to bring you clients.

Instagram doesn’t work for you. It is a social network that is meant to give you a space to hold these conversations.

So how do you build these wonderful connections to start conversations with internet strangers who follow you?

You can start by learning to tell a good story.

We have so many forms of storytelling all around us which connect us to things.

Songs have a story behind the lyrics. Adele will have you going through her entire life in an album and we are here for it.

Movies are picture stories. It’s why there are movie franchises like the Matrix and Harry Potter that we will all go and see because we are attached to the story and what happens to the characters.

TV series are addictive when the story is good. We’ll binge-watch an entire season of a show just to see what happens next.

Your marketing content is meant to tell the story of the brighter future that is possible for a qualified client if they work with you.

Storytelling is a side effect of what I teach in the launch content strategy I provide in Revolutionary.


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