Why You Shouldn’t Default to a Low-Ticket Offer Because You Aren’t Selling High-Ticket

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Many service providers default to low-ticket offers after facing rejections on their premium prices. They also might not even offer a high-ticket offer because they’re fearful that no one will sign on.


Today’s episode is going to be a tough but important one to hear if you happen to find yourself in this category. I’m addressing why you shouldn’t default to selling a low ticket offer just because you aren’t selling high-ticket. I discuss the importance of standing behind your pricing with confidence, how to understand your ideal clients deeply enough to see the value in your offer, and so much more.


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Why people default to offering low-ticket offers
  • The importance of having confidence in your pricing
  • The beauty of serving fewer clients at a premium price
  • Why you’re experiencing difficulty selling high-ticket offers
  • Reasons why you’re not selling high-ticket that doesn’t have to do with price


“At the end of the day, you’re not in business to solve pain points. You’re in the business to solve problems. You’re in a business to make an impact. ”

– Latesha Lynch