Understanding the Difference and Importance of Both Marketing and Launching

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Launching your offers is an overwhelming process that involves a lot of terminology and lingo. It’s difficult enough to plan and prep all the moving pieces of a launch, so to help you make this process a little easier, I’m explaining these terms and what you need to know when it comes to launching.


I start with the important differentiation between marketing and launching. I explain what the marketing process is, what constitutes marketing, and why this step is crucial to the success of a launch. Then, I dive into what the term “evergreen” means and why it isn’t as hands-free as it sounds. This episode is a must if you want to launch your offers strategically. Tune in as I answer some of your burning questions like why automation might not be the right step for you, how to test your marketing materials, and how to determine the strategy that makes the most sense for your offer.


Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • What is marketing?
  • What the term “evergreen” means
  • The difference between live launching and evergreen
  • Why automation might not be the right step for you
  • The biggest misconception about going evergreen
  • Testing out your marketing materials
  • Determining what makes the most sense for your offer
  • My experience with launching and the biggest takeaways from those experiences


“You have to learn to sell while you’re awake before you can get sales in your sleep. So automation isn’t your savior. Your funnel expert isn’t your savior for your business. In fact, what they do doesn’t work if what you have on the front end of your business isn’t working.”

– Latesha Lynch