Who Are Ready to Create Content That Attracts Serious Buyers and Not Curious Window Shoppers

This is for you if: 

You are a business coach or service provider that is an expert (corporate built or education-backed). You know your stuff which is why you started this business, but while you can easily get a job in this industry (thanks resume!), you're having a hard time consistently attracting quality leads (no thanks content).

And when the leads do come in, they can't afford to work with you or don't feel like it's an investment worth making "right now."

Your social media engagement is too low to justify the amount of time you spend creating content
You stay booking free consultations, but your paid calendar is a little too empty
You know you offer the best services and hella value, but your bank account doesn't reflect the effort
You are tired of people ghosting you after you tell them the price.

a masterclass for service providers and coaches


Positioned for profitability  masterclass

After following my 3-step powerful positioning strategy, you'll officially be the distinguished industry expert that everyone wants to work with.

Here's how it breaks down:

You'll finally attract followers who will actually turn into buyers no matter the price point. No more wasting time on social media creating content that gets you a few likes and cheerleader comments.

This strategy will guide will give you the edge you need to push past your competitors and make your offer stand out as the only choice worth deep-pocket investment.

Bankable Model

Potent Content

Decide the business model that will bring you the most fulfillment and the most bank so your offer can bring your profitability and stability.

The magnetic content decisions you need to make to position your expertise and your offer to secure your ideal clients and the bag.

The 3 best positioning strategies for service providers and coaches to leverage to give your offer an edge over your competitors.

Primed Position



"To actually learn how to brand my business from a branding person was a major benefit of coaching with Latesha. Since going through the program I have launched a new signature coaching program that made $18,000 in the first round."

Dr. Micaela Herndon

Lauren Flowerday

"After working with Latesha, I was able to recognize what exactly my brand stood for, and I was able to be in the true power of knowing my brand… like I know myself. I was fully booked out within a month of implementing all of her wisdom!"

Ready to Make Top Dollar?

Hi, I'm Latesha

I love all things french, taking pictures (like being in them, lol), and helping female entrepreneurs build a financial legacy showcasing what they excel at doing without burning themselves out or undercharging to do it.

My mission is to bring the powerful positioning strategy to coaches and service providers like you who have done the work and are ready to successfully charge more for your expertise.
I thought it was my launch strategy so I hired a coach and launched that sucker again with no luck until…

…I developed my 5-figure launch strategy that I repeat for every single launch of 1 premium offer that enrolls 3-4 new $4.5K clients every single month.

It's not enough to create an offer and create launch content to market it.

You have to decide how you want to position that offer first so you can create a marketing content strategy that highlights that position. People don't care about what bells and whistles you've included in your high-ticket or premium-priced offer. They care about why THAT particular solution is the version they should go with.

If you've made it to this point

Register for the masterclass

You don't just want to book some free consultation calls. You want to attract aligned, qualified leads who are ready and willing to pay top dollar for your expertise! And I GET that, who doesn't?!

You've  Made It this Far

During this masterclass, I give you ACTIONABLE things you need to do to put your program or service out in front of warm leads who are ready to take action.

If you’re beyond ready to be seen as an expert and you want to repeatedly book your DREAM clients for your high-ticket offers then drop your details below and your access is granted!