Part 1: Clarify a Winning Offer Concept (4-Part Series)

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When I first created Revolutionary Brand, I didn’t realize that people really need a lot of support and help when it comes to just marketing themselves, their expertise, or how to help leads make buying decisions with them. It was originally created for people who were trying to consistently sell their high-ticket offers but needed to learn how to craft them, and how to explain what the value is from the perspective of the person buying so that they didn’t have to focus so much of their energy on proving themselves to people. 

To celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the program, I wanted to do a 4-part series where I walk you through the entire framework that helps service-based entrepreneurs and coaches attract aligned, qualified leads for their service and programs between $2K-$10K. 

Have your pen and paper ready to take notes, because you’re going to need it. In part 1, we’re going to discuss how to clarify your winning offer concept so you can have a high-ticket offer you can be confident in to launch. 

Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Why I created Revolutionary Brand
  • How to determine your MVPs
  • What it means to have a profitable business model
  • Why every high-ticket offer needs a framework