Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Your First Team

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Today’s episode is all about my experience with hiring a team for my business. Hiring a team is often touted as the key to scaling and freeing up time to work on the business instead of in it. However, I have to be honest with you – it turned out to be a bit of a nightmare for me. I want to share my journey with you and give you five mistakes to avoid if you decide to hire a big team.

At the beginning of 2022, my business was booming, and I was booked and busy. So, I decided to hire about six people over a few months to outsource various tasks. In total, I spent about $80,000 on building this team. The goal was to scale my business and delegate tasks so I could focus on higher-level strategy and growth.

Here’s a closer look at the episode:

  • Hiring for Individual Tasks Instead of Departments
  • Not Setting Clear Expectations and Success Markers
  • Not Letting Go of Underperforming Team Members Sooner
  • Hiring Too Fast and Too Much at Once
  • Not Having Trainings and Guidelines in Place


“It’s really hard to get a true assessment of how well your investments are going if you’re making a bunch at the same time. We got to look at it like experiments, right? A science experiment. When you’re doing science experiments, there’s always a control.” -Latesha Lynch

I want to help you learn from my mistakes and make better decisions when it comes to hiring your own team. Stay tuned for the next episode, where I’ll share how I restructured my business and found a balance that worked for me. Remember, taking your time and setting clear expectations can make a world of difference in building a successful team.


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