Designed for high-ticket service experts, where a crystal-clear marketing plan transforms into real revenue gains.

Within six weeks, you'll have a comprehensive and actionable strategy, meticulously guiding you to attract premium clients, magnify your earnings, and confidently navigate your business towards financial success.

Your Custom path to Strategic Revenue Growth in 6 Weeks 

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You're an expert in your field, and you understand the power of a results-driven marketing strategy. Yet, with a growing list of client commitments and personal responsibilities, your marketing often takes a back seat.

You're not just looking for quick wins; you're building a legacy of aligned business, commanding brand presence, and sustainable revenue growth. What you need is a clear, actionable roadmap and a steadfast partner to ensure your marketing not only meets but exceeds your ambitious goals.

That's precisely what Coin Collecting Strategy offers – your partner in turning strategy into success.

Coin Collecting Strategy: A Six Week Shift for Online Service Providers, Consultants, and Subject Matter Experts   

Here's where we'll focus our Sprint

The 3 pillars of successful marketing strategy:

The three (3) steps transform your marketing into a lead-generating engine that speaks directly to your dream clients and consistently delivers results.

"The Investigation"




"The Blueprint"

"The Implementation"

Unlocking Your Path to Consistent Client Attraction and Retention

Transform your approach to marketing with the Coin Collecting Strategy, a VIP service designed to revolutionize how you attract and retain high-value clients.

Together, we'll develop a customized marketing and content strategy, complete with hands-on support for implementation, ensuring you not only reach but exceed your ambitious business objectives.


Is this for you?

You've grown as an expert and brand but your words feel very early stage.

You excel in your expertise but find crafting an effective marketing strategy and executing it consistently with that busy schedule to be challenging. You're not only looking for a tailored marketing strategy that resonates with your business goals but also guidance and support as you execute it.

You're overwhelmed by the myriad of marketing advice out there and yearn for a streamlined, clear-cut strategy that directly aligns with your ambitious revenue and branding goals.

You're tired of the constant content churn and crave strategic content that truly resonates, engages, and converts, bringing you closer to the high-value clients you desire.

You're looking to invest your time wisely, focusing on fewer but more potent marketing efforts that promise real results and elevate your brand's prestige in the industry.

You don't just want a plan; you seek a collaborative guide who understands your vision, supports your journey, and ensures that every step is intentional and impactful.

You're balancing a bustling life and thriving business and need marketing strategies that not only reflect your brand's evolution but also respect and enhance your personal and professional lifestyle.

Is this really for you?

You've grown as an expert and brand but your words feel very early stage.

You feel your current messaging doesn't fully encapsulate the depth of your expertise or the essence of your evolving brand.

You're not consistently resonating with or attracting the high-caliber clients and opportunities you know you're meant to serve.

Your content is good, but it's not consistently converting or sparking the level of engagement and action you expect.

You recognize the power of precise, powerful messaging and are ready to refine your narrative to reflect your true market position and value.

You have strategic goals and a vision for your brand, but there's a disconnect in how your content communicates and supports these objectives.

You're so comfortable and confident in your expertise that you started seeking bigger and better opportunities through corporate contracts, speaking engagements, media, and even writing a book. But you know your brand doesn't sound like the Powerhouse you've become.

"Booked a $12,500 today lol! Took my payment on the call. She found me on tiktok and then basically binged my IG content."


"I was able to really develop an established brand. I thought branding was just cute photos, but I was able to develop an authentic voice and really show up in a way that resonated directly with my clients...By working with her in April until December I was able to it 6 figures in my business."

-Dr. micaela

The prework created a bunch of aha's...It's so nice to be able to see what you're thinking articulated clearly in a way that connects and feels authentically right for you and your brand...I can already see what I can take from it; where I can apply it."


"I would be so burnt out, so tired, not even wanting to show up...My lives are just *chef's kiss.* My engagement has gone up...they are loving the content, the variety of the content, people are inquiring. And I'm not burnt out! My marketing content creation process transformed...dramatically. And I actually have a process now."


the coin collecting strategy sprint is perfect for the busy CEO who wants the strategy & support while they implement it

This service is designed to give you both the marketing roadmap and support as you navigate it and incorporate it into your business.

In 6-weeks together we'll:
  • Audit your existing marketing content to set the foundation of how to improve your marketing strategy
  • Creating the messaging strategy for your offers to set the foundation for your content strategy
  • Develop your marketing & content strategy to hit your brand and business goals
  • Host 2 60-minute implementation sessions to review what you've completed and to answer your marketing questions

Coin Collecting Strategy is your 6-week journey to mastering the art of impactful marketing for your unique business. It equips you with a custom-built marketing and content strategy, coupled with practical implementation guidance and ongoing support, ensuring every effort you make translates into tangible business growth.

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coin collecting strategy

Together we'll craft your new, aligned brand messaging and you'll walk away with everything you need to start using it in your content & copy today, including:

  • Tailored Marketing Blueprint: Receive a customized marketing strategy meticulously aligned with your unique business goals and audience.
  • Actionable Content Plan: Walk away with a precise content plan, focused on generating leads and driving conversions with high-value clients.
  • Implementation Guidance: Benefit from 2x 60-minute implementation sessions, ensuring your strategy is effectively executed.
  • Ongoing Support: Gain access to 3 months of continuous marketing support in my marketing membership, Revolutionary Society.

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*Extended payment plans available as well through ShopPay with Affirm and Paypal with Paypal Credit upon approval.

Partnership length 6-weeks

Meet Kenika Williams 

A professional organizer and a business coach to professional organizers.

“I thought branding was really cute photos, but Latesha made me realize it’s creating an authentic brand voice that resonates with your ideal clients.”

What she had to say :

“I haven’t seen someone put that much attention to detail on the deliverables so far like Latesha ... it’s just an amazing experience, super dope!”

What she had to say :

How Kenika made $15,000 using the launch content strategy from my VIP experience


1. 3 coaching clients for a total of $15k
2. One client booked her right after watching her live video which she was so nervous to do but thankfully followed the Booked Out CEO plan.
3. She saved time because she was able to just show up and deliver the content to have a successful launch.

1. Struggled with launching as she was busy with her other business.
2. Burned out towards the end of every launch and still feel like she “barely made it”
3. Never had the time to create content or launch.


Meet kenika 

Meet chauvon 

Meet topsie vandenbosch

Meet topsie

How topsie got 17 clients in her group coaching accelerator

Mindset and emotional intelligence coaching consultant 

“I thought branding was really cute photos, but Latesha made me realize it’s creating an authentic brand voice that resonates with your ideal clients.”

What she had to say :

“My biggest win from my launch was being able to attract dream clients into my program. I was able to draw in incredible business owners who understood my messaging and aligned with what I wanted to teach them.  ”

Meet kenika 

Meet chauvon 

Meet topsie vandenbosch

Meet chauvon

Virtual CFO, accountant & tax strategist 

“She literally gets inside of the brain in a way that not only resonates with the ideal person that wants to work with you,  but who'd I'd like to work with as well." 

What she had to say :

how chauvon booked out her roster

Meet kenika 

Meet chauvon 

Meet topsie vandenbosch

Don't just take my word for it. My clients have walked away feeling confident coming into their launch, knowing that they have the right words and story to attract the most aligned, qualified leads. (Click the buttons below to check out the next client case study)

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