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Tune in for the inside scoop on how to balance business, work, motherhood, self-care, and mental health. I’ll share my raw thoughts on entrepreneurship, the reality behind the scenes of building a successful online business, and how business women in pop culture imitate real life. 



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What it feels like to adapt your business and marketing strategies as you navigate your life and business.


Here's what you'll learn here: 

Listen in if you want to sell services and coaching programs to other business owners or professionals. All my tips and more are shared. 

Grab your notebook and listen to solo episodes of the podcast and conversations with amazing self-made multi-6 and 7-figure women where we’ll talk all about marketing, sales, mindset, self-care, entrepreneurship, and motherhood.

I hope the podcast to inspires you and you take actionable steps to successfully market and sell your high-ticket services and programs.

Welcome to the Revolutionary CEO Podcast! I’m your host, Latesha Lynch–I’m a big wine lover, brand snob (yes, I was a brand designer), a proud boy Mom to an energetic kid, and an Atlanta-based entrepreneur.

After a series of corporate layoffs and pay cuts, I launched my own business and quit my Fortune 250 marketing job. I built up my brand and hit 6-figures in my first full year in business. I created this podcast because I want to help other female service-based entrepreneurs and coaches build and leverage their brand authority so they can confidently sell their services and programs at a premium price point to create a lasting legacy and generate independent wealth.

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