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You've outdone yourself for sure with this training series! I'm so grateful for everything you've shared and you had very relevant examples for us all! This [Winning Instagram Quadfecta] has been far better than courses that
I've paid for!

You only shared quality information that we actually need to act on and in bite-sized ways we can act upon.
You also helped us to
understand the reason behind it so that we can understand WHY this is important.

I'm excited for the course bundle especially because I know From Binge to Profit has been transformational for me!



"The quality of information that you have provided...has only been 100% of high value. You knew exactly what I needed and you showed up served me with such depth. Not only that but your excitement for OUR success warms my heart.

The way you explained how Instagram can be leveraged to best serve my audience at all levels has allowed me to see that my business goals are more attainable than I thought. I just need to put
into the work!"


OMG Latesha you have gone above and beyond...! The notes I have taken are insane...

"I've downloaded every single ebook and guide known to man on Instagram, watched all the Youtube videos, and still feel like I don't know what to say to get people to invest in working with me."

The days of endless consumption of contradictory Instagram tips are over, because they're not designed for high-ticket service providers like you:

✅ If you’ve ever been told that your reels would work IF you go viral then girl, you’ve been lied to!
Yes ... I’m sorry to say but going viral with reels is not how you sell your high ticket offer.
This is why I teach you a part of my VIREEL VISIBILITY™ formula in this masterclass.
VIREEL VISIBILITY™ retails for $297 but I am giving you a small part of it (the aha moment part) for FREE in this masterclass!

✅ If you’ve ever been told YOU are supposed to pre-qualify your clients then let me show you the other way round. The method how YOUR CLIENTS qualify themselves through your IG stories.
Doesn’t life become much easier if our prospects qualify themselves and then come to us?
This is one of the many incredibly effective formula I teach in my 24-Hour Story Slayer™ which also retails for $297 but you’re going to get it for FREE today.

The confusion that's been causing you to post nothing, because whatever you do hasn't worked:

✅ If you’ve ever been told IGTV is dead or it’s too boring or too long for your goldfish attention span audience then you’ve been lied to, again!

Well whoever told you that IGTV is dead is partially right because it’s IG videos now but they are totally wrong about the boring part of it.

I’ll teach you how you can turn your IG videos into a Netflix suite for your audience. I share ONE important lesson from my Binge to Profit™ course that will turn around your high ticket conversion game.

This course retails for $297 but I am teaching you a small but very important part from it in this masterclass for FREE.

✅ Now if you’re afraid to go live on Instagram and have somehow convinced yourself that you don’t need it to convert your dream clients, then you’ve lied to yourself girl!

Yes this time no one is to be blamed other than yourself.

IG Live is the only way you can turn your whole content game from a monologue to a dialogue!!

This is where the ones who always remain on the fence for your offer are going to jump off the hoop, get on one knee with a credit card in their hand to marry your offer!!

This is my Ready, Live, Monetize™ course that retails for $297 but I am sharing ONE tiny but important part from it in this masterclass today!!

Oh hey! So glad you made it here because I had a cocktail with your name on it! - I thought it was time for a bit of an introduction.

I remember when my educational content no longer worked to attract leads and clients I actually WANTED to work with on Instagram. My followers were growing, but nobody was buying

I didn't know how at the time, but all I knew was each Instagram video type I posted got at different times during my launch started helping me get more leads and ultimately more clients. But this time, they were the ones you dream of getting.

And that's exactly why I created The Winning Instagram Quadfecta. It's a way you can learn how to intentionally create marketing content that people actually engage with and feel impacted by.

during this masterclass i'm going to show you how. 

winning quadfecta 

BONUS: I don’t wanna leave you without a BONUS! So you get 2 of my most educative and hot selling DM conversation flow in this masterclass.

✅ Yes you’re going to see the whole conversation in screenshot with timestamps!

✅ Yes I’ll give you a framework with it on how you can do it yourself.

Honestly, if you just watch this section alone, you’re going to start improving your sales process right from today!

This is going to be good. ;)

The Winning Quadfecta

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There’s a killer offer for you at the end of this masterclass that you don’t wanna miss. If you do leave the page without watching the end of the masterclass you’ll never have that offer again. NEVER AGAIN seriously. I’m glad I learned the tech piece of this one time offer and now I’m going to make you a WINNER with my masterclass.