Learn the Secrets to Multichannel Marketing Sustainability in Just 3 Days

Content Mastery

Craft core content that continuously attracts leads, ensuring your marketing efforts are effective even when you're focusing elsewhere.

Platform Mastery

Style Mastery

Discover and embrace your unique marketing persona. Tailor your presence to platforms that resonate, ensuring authentic and effective engagement.

Identify and dominate the right platforms for your unique voice. Master a unified strategy that liberates you from the confines of any single channel.

Core Content (Feb. 29)

Persona Alignment (Feb. 26)

Strategic Selection (Feb. 27)

the previous live attendees loved it

Lauren Flowerday

"After working with Latesha, I was able to recognize what exactly my brand stood for, and I was able to be in the true power of knowing my brand… like I know myself. I was fully booked out within a month of implementing all of her wisdom!"

From Content Creation Overload to Strategic Lead Overflow

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Step into Lead Overflow, where your marketing transforms from a demanding task to a strategic advantage. In this workshop, you'll explore:

✅ Unveiling Your Marketing Persona: Pinpoint your distinctive marketing style, ensuring you engage genuinely and effectively on platforms that genuinely reflect you and appeal to your ideal audience.

✅ Selecting Strategic Playgrounds: Choose platforms that honor your unique voice and style, turning every piece of content into a potential client magnet.

✅ Mastering a Cohesive Strategy: Embrace a single, flexible marketing strategy that spans across multiple platforms, liberating you from the constraints of any single channel.

✅ Developing Your Core Content: Construct foundational pieces of content that consistently draw in leads and assert your presence, granting you the liberty to immerse yourself in your business or life, confident that your marketing is continuously at work.

Break Free from the social media chokehold: Embrace Flexible Marketing for Reliable Lead Flow

Break free from the constraints of relying on a single marketing platform to fuel your business growth. It's time to embrace a multichannel marketing approach that aligns with your unique style and thrives even during your busiest seasons or when motivation dips.

With a strategic, diversified marketing plan in place, stay confident in your lead generation - unaffected by ever-changing algorithms or platform trends. Say goodbye to uncertainty and the frustration of lost leads post-price discussion.

Embrace a strategy that keeps your business robust, your leads consistent, and your conversions steady.

Meet your workshop host

Hi, I'm Latesha

It's hard to find a coach who knows how to help high-ticket service providers and coaches market and sell in the online space. Luckily I've sold both types of services. 

In this workshop, I'll teach you a multichannel marketing strategy that will save you time and help you generate leads from multiple sources.

By understanding this one simple marketing strategy you can use any marketing channel you want based on your unique marketing style to generate an overflow of leads so you never have to worry about an algorithm change or slow periods shutting down your entire business.