Meet Latesha

Meet Latesha

Welcome to the Revolutionary CEO Podcast! I’m your host, Latesha Lynch–I’m a big wine lover, brand snob (yes, I was a brand designer), a proud boy Mom to an energetic kid, and an Atlanta-based entrepreneur.

After a series of corporate layoffs and pay cuts, I launched my own business and quit my Fortune 250 marketing job. I built up my brand and hit 6-figures in my first full year in business. I created this podcast because I want to help other female service-based entrepreneurs and coaches build and leverage their brand authority so they can confidently sell their services and programs at a premium price point to create a lasting legacy and generate independent wealth.

Every Wednesday bring your notebook and listen to solo episodes of the podcast and conversations with amazing self-made multi-6 and 7-figure women where we’ll talk all about marketing, sales, mindset, self-care, entrepreneurship, and motherhood.

I hope the podcast to inspires you and you take actionable steps to successfully market and sell your high-ticket services and programs.


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