5-Day Breakdown: Building Your Marketing Blueprint

A workshop for high ticket service providers and coaches

Get everything for $27

Inside this 5-day self-paced workshop you'll learn:

  • Day 1: Cracking the Code of Marketing Strategy
  • Day 2: Zeroing in on Your Best Buyers
  • Day 3: Content Foundation for Impact and Sales
  • Day 4: Where to Go to Get Your Content Gets Seen
  • Day 5: Knowing the Signs That Lead to Increasing Your Profits


How the Workshop Works:

Every day you'll have one (1) marketing strategy-based action item to complete inside your Notion resource. 

Remember, this is about action and implementation! At the end you'll walk away with a complete marketing strategy to market and sell your high ticket service. 

This e-Course includes: 
  • Digestible lesson delivered straight to your inbox over 5-days
  • A Notion resource with 5-days of things to implement to complete your marketing strategy

At the end of the 5 days you will never guess what you need to say to people in your content to get them to buy.

You'll walk away knowing exactly who you should market to, what you should say to them, and where it needs to be said to convert.